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We perfected fogponics to save resources in indoor farming.


Baltic Freya has perfected fogponics to reach full biological potential of plants and save resources. Baltic Freya is an indoor farming technology inventor. We specialize in water and nutrient delivery systems, advanced irrigation and solving problems that others can only mitigate. We design and build aeroponic/fogponic technology, control software and digital grow how to make sustainable farming a sustainable business. Key innovation, which we have developed, that enables our clients to reach full biological plant potential, use the lowest possible amount of water, fertilizer, and electricity, while not having to worry about root disease or system failure(clogging or cracking), is Fogponics 2.0 fog generators that create fog with the correct physical properties. Check out our website to know more https://www.balticfreya.com/

Mr Gediminas Kudirka

Founded 2019



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Kaunas, Lithuania