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Where craftsmanship meets creativity, at Undandy you're in control of your shoe design.


In a world where everyone is trying to fit in, the only way to be truly unique is to be yourself. We believe in the enlightened modern gentleman who lives by an uncompromising code of conduct and etiquette, who strives to be the epitome of excellence in all aspects of life. And naturally does this all in impeccable sartorial style. These are the ways of the Undandy. Undandy delivers on the promise of truly signature style by unleashing your creative genius. The concept of creating made to order shoes that are utterly authentic and quintessentially you, is at the heart and sole of our mission. We are committed to supporting and sharing Portuguese craftsmanship with the world. Our shoes are proudly handcrafted with care by third generation artisans in Portugal and tailored to your specific desires using the finest quality leather and suede. We give you the license to step back into the driving seat when it comes to every imaginable detail of design, initiating each man into the time-honoured art of shoemaking. They say clothes maketh the man. At Undandy we know it’s the shoes.

Founded 2015



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Lisbon, Portugal