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Social landlords spend large sums on their capital works, and they hold a wealth of data in their housing, asset management and finance systems. But this data is often gathered and stored on spreadsheets, so landlords struggle to turn its potential into insight for better management decision-making. Worse still, they lose auditable control over the cost and quality of their capital works, and get caught up in commercial disputes with their contractors and suppliers. Valueworks provides a shared collaborative software platform that gives landlords visibility into clean data, and control over the cost and quality of their capital works; while their contractors and suppliers receive well-structured programmes of work - reducing the number of disputes and ensuring they remain a supplier of choice. Delivered as a service for a fixed monthly cost, our software integrates with all major housing, asset and finance systems, and a typical implementation takes no longer than five weeks. Our customers include Home Group, Flintshire County Council and Sutton Housing Partnership. In addition, we share strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Esuasive, allowing us to embed the latest data analysis and business intelligence functionality within our software, and to bring better customer service to tenants. For more details, please contact laura.hood@valueworks.co.uk Or call us on 0161 870 2515

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