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Vawlt accelerates and secures your transition to the cloud world, with lasting economic benefits.


Vawlt accelerates and secures your transition to the cloud world, from weeks/months to hours/days, with lasting economic benefits. All this while enabling new cloud go-to-market models for the ICT industry. **The future will be written in the cloud** By 2025 the world will be generating 463 million TeraBytes of data, every day! Companies are moving to the cloud to store their data because it's more flexible, scalable and cost-effective. **The cloud brings challenges** Complexity Platform heterogeneity in public and private providers, and lack of visibility beyond market leaders. Lack of security Recurrent cases of data breaches leading to personal records exposure. Sub-optimal resources utilisation Minority of companies using automated policies to optimise cloud costs. Cloud downtime affecting the quality of services provided. ** We have the solution** Vawlt is a dynamic storage platform that simplifies the operation of multiple clouds, while improving data security standards, and enabling optimal usage of storage resources. **Technology behind Vawlt** DISTRIBUTED STORAGE Data is distributed in multiple clouds, simultaneously, creating a cloud-of-clouds. Users’ data is available even if some of the clouds are down, if they lose or corrupt the data, and also if they are hacked. DATA-CENTRIC ARCHITECTURE Data never goes through Vawlt server; it travels directly between the users’ machines and the storage clouds. This increases scalability and decreases operational costs. Performance, availability, and security of the data plane are never compromised, even if Vawlt server is down or overloaded. IMPROVED DATA SECURITY Proprietary end-to-end encryption protocol, with which only the data owner has access to the content of the files. Data encrypted and signed (for privacy and integrity) at client-side, and the keys never sent to Vawlt’s server unencrypted.

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