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Veras, a circular vintage exchange concept that combines sustainable fashion and circular economy to stop clothing waste


Veras is a sustainable and circular recycling and exchange clothing concept founded in 2015 by Rebecca Vera Stahnke. Veras has created its own circular ecosystem that combines fashion and sustainability to stop clothing waste. Veras mission is to contribute to a greener world by minimizing the amount of clothing waste. Veras wants to change the Danes consumer behavior by using existing resources and recycled their clothing items through Veras and therefore minimizing the amount of newly purchased clothes and the amount of discarded clothing. Through Veras circular clothes and exchange concept in the stores and our reusable clothing markets, Veras Market, women can exchange their clothes to new items and renew their closets in a sustainable way. At Veras you earn points by delivering your unwanted clothes. Users switches clothes to points from a fixed system - and can then can buy new, used items for the points.. Veras assesses the clothes based on its lifetime. Veras is the only clothing concept in Denmark that guarantees value for all clothes - regardless of condition, style and brand. The less used and the better quality the more points it worth. Users pay a fee of 5 DKK pr. item to exchange clothes to points - as a member for 99 DKK/month you skip the fee and get 10% on all purchases. It always possible to buy all with DKK. Veras ecosystem guarantees that all clothing submitted has value. Clothing that does not match Veras style in the stores and online lives on in Veras stand at Veras Market, where everything is sold from 20-100 DKK. Clothing that cannot find new owners is donated to charity and recycling stations that recycles the textile fibers. Veras physical stores are located in Studiestræde 27, Copenhagen and in Pogestræde 22, Odense. Every month Veras Market are held in Copenhagen and Odense. In addition, Veras online universe, consisting of a digital magazine and a webshop to inspire users to a sustainable and fashionable lifestyle.

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