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Self Sovereign Identity Solutions - building the first internet native identity layer for security, privacy and trust.


Vereign is a leading provider of Self Sovereign Identity (#SSI) Solutions. SSI is the first internet native identity layer, and crucial for security, confidentiality & privacy, enabling all kinds of use cases for the future digital economy. Established 2017 in 🇨🇭 to make SSI useful to everyone, everywhere and across a multitude of use-cases, **Ver*-ifiable and Sov-**ereign** is in our name. All our products are Open Source/Free Software and built on Open Standards, available as fully supported commercial products, including guaranteed security updates, assured response and resolution times. Vereign also offers the whole range of professional services, including integration, consultancy, development, and training. As a technical team we're always searching for the right people: https://vereign.com/category/careers/ And because sovereign technologies should be open to everyone, we even opened up our shareholding to participation with ERC-20 tokenized shares on the Optimism blockchain: https://www.vereign.com/investors Join us as a team member, contributor, investor, business partner or enthusiast.

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Zug, Switzerland