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Software made with people, for people


We are a software design and development shop in Boston. Our combination of expertise and flexibility allows us to develop responsive web applications, native mobile apps, and messaging bots with equal proficiency/efficiency. We have a long track record working with Rails, Node, Ember, and React; however, our effectiveness is not restricted to those technologies. A focus on strong working relationships and positive results translates across programming languages. We have expertise up and down the development stack — we strive to delight our clients equally with a smooth, painless deployment process as with beautiful front-end and API design.We’ve adopted a design-first, iterative process where UX and visual design work in tandem to build applications that aren’t just beautiful and functional — they actually meets users’ needs. Our user experience process helps optimize the usability of a product, and our visual design enhances this. In the initial steps towards a purposeful product, we identify the market and understand the users. Design research helps us determine the right features in order to develop successful applications. Continuous user testing keeps us focused on solving real problems and delivering meaningful user experiences. We research, conceptualize, reflect, and iterate to create holistic design systems. We consider the relationship, purpose and functionality of elements such as color, hierarchy, proportions, and typography to enhance usability.


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Boston, United States (US)