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Ordinary life for Extraordinary people


We're hiring ! https://wandercraft.welcomekit.co/ Wandercraft ‘s job is to make wheelchair users walk again. We make real the promises of robotics by providing an ordinary life to extraordinary people. We have developed the first autonomous exo. In our world premiere clinical trials, persons with paraplegia walked human-like, autonomously and without crutches. The Wanderteam walks on the edge of robotics. We cooperate with world class university labs and medical centers in Europe and the US. Atalante is not only an exoskeleton. Atalante allows patients to stand up, without crutches. Atalante allows patients to finally be able to watch their loved ones in the eyes. Atalante allowed them to walk over 2 million steps. But above all, Atalante made them smile again. Atalante made 546 patients smile again. 546 patients who have chosen to place their trust in us. Join us to contribute to changing the lives of millions of persons. You will work in a supportive, fun and agile environment. You will have stunning colleagues, composing one of the best walk robotics teams in the world and chosen because they are selfless team players and not lone geniuses. Expect to be challenged: we do things that no one has done yet. Expect to have to work fast: we test and learn. Expect to have to aim at perfection: we make advanced technology exos that help mobility impaired persons and impact their health and happiness – not pizza delivery apps. Expect to get a ‘Wow’ each time you explain your job to your friends.

Founded 2012



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