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Web Design & Development Agency


We are Kitty. We design & build performance-driven websites with UX at the core. Small Dev Agency of the Year 2021 | The UK's Best Small Companies to Work For 2021 - 2018. We create experiences that your customers will truly connect with. Our natural curiosity means that creativity and technology sit at the heart of everything we do and, by putting human insight at the core of our creative process, we eliminate assumptions and adopt an agile and innovative approach to everything we create. Kitty is part of independent digital network TIPi Group which is designed to offer clients a smarter hybrid of two agency models: Networks and Independent Specialists. By building a network of specialist agencies that have grown organically and are united by a passion for delivering performance, we ensure we nurture and maintain their specialisms while embracing our collective strengths. Belonging to a wider network means we have access to a broad range of talent and expertise including SEO Consultancy, Analytics and Content. For specific platform skillsets, we also have access to our network of design and development specialists. Get in touch: kitty@tipigroup.com +44 (0)20 8102 8500 Kitty is a part of TIPi Group, an award-winning network of specialist digital agencies.

Founded 2017



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London, United Kingdom (UK)