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At WeWantMore we really do want more. For our clients and for ourselves. After a decade of leading some of the most creative design and branding studios, WeWantMore brings together the cream of the crop in brand, interior and experiential design. We do not only create the skin, but go down to the bone in our process of branding in order to create relevant, unique and immersive brand experiences. WE WANT MORE THAN WHAT YOU ASK FOR We have one big advantage over you; distance. We’ll look at your brand and your project from a different perspective, spotting things that might surprise you and make you rethink. WE WANT MORE FOR YOU We take pride in creating everything right so you can amaze your customers. We design the brand, your customers live the brand. WE WANT MORE DIALOGUE We don’t believe a design process is a one way street. Good communication makes for good results. Be prepared, we will ask a lot of questions. WE WANT MORE FOR US We strive to challenge our design team in every project we invest in. WeWantMore is a place that cultivates creative talent.

Founded 2006



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Antwerp, Belgium