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We’re an Australian software company that excels at designing & developing software solutions with the right mix of people, process & tools. We have consulted, scoped, developed and, supported more than 100 projects across Australia. What makes us different? Embracing Jidoka We practice Jidoka, which loosely translates to "automation with a human touch". We build new software requirements by hand ensuring quality to your organisation's standards. Then, we teach a codebot how to write this requirement, meaning at the next implementation this requirement can be automated. In this way, we gain momentum that increases project output, while decreasing human input and costs. DevOps will heal the world We help break down the barriers between development and operations and empower teams to integrate changes continuously and deliver often and predictably. Small software changes flow from creation through functional test to deployment as in a pipeline, creating confidence to make changes and reducing fear and anticipation. We invest time saved to add tools that raise quality in security, code quality, and performance to the pipeline. Everything is a model We use Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), an approach to software development that allows us to quickly build software tools that fit the client's process precisely. MDE is like a workbench that allows developers to easily fashion their own tools custom-tailored to their project requirements, enabling the gains that automation offers. MDE is what empowers us to achieve Jidoka and build DevOps pipeline tools.

Founded 2014



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Milton, Australia