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The world's leading platform to learn and play music.


Yousician is a revolutionary music platform for anyone to learn, play, create and teach music. Millions of people around the world use Yousician to advance their music skills and play the music they love. When you work at Yousician, you’ll help shape the future of music education and profoundly impact the lives of millions of people. Doing what has impact We are a profitable, fast-growing company, and we are just getting started. As a Yousician team member, you’ll work on the cutting edge of technology, business and education with great career opportunities ahead. Professional growth mindset You’ll work alongside some of the best people in your field in small, efficient and empowered teams. We create an environment to support people in their professional growth. We work hard and jam hard! Pride in doing excellent work There is a great sense of joy coming from doing one’s work exceptionally well. At Yousician we take pride in our work, both in terms of work quality and productivity. We like working with people that go that extra mile for the pure joy of doing great work and delivering impressive results. Our benefits True work satisfaction comes from working on something meaningful, with a team of people who love what they do and are great at it. So if you love music as much as we do and you take pride in doing great work, you should join us! The basics Benefits for lunch, exercise and culture, commuters benefit, free snacks and drinks, medical services, extended insurance, computers, phones–the usual stuff. Your own instrument We also have our own stage at our Helsinki office. We also have a double bass, electric and acoustic guitars, a baby grand piano, digital pianos, mixers, microphones, drums, you name it! We have jam sessions after work on Fridays (when it’s safe to do so). A recording studio In Helsinki, we have our own recording studio–which you are free to use for your own projects. We love music and encourage everyone to play their favorite songs.

Founded 2010



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