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Zenon Consulting is a leading organisational transformation and HR consultancy. We believe strongly in the relationship between an organisation's efficiency and it’s people. We are a wholly employee-owned business. We work to achieve sustainable change using unique insight, innovative approaches and applications. We have and facilitate an energy which aligns and supports stakeholders to deliver highly effective, successful, measurable results. Our Core Services include: •Senior Interim Management •Organisational Transformation •People Management And Development •Quality Through Leadership •Reputation Management Our Philosophy is simple. We provide straightforward, elegant and robust services by working together with our clients to bring about pragmatic, flexible solutions. We enable people to work effectively and creatively using integrity, generosity of spirit, inspiration, motivation, passion and a large helping of serious fun. We believe in and deliver evidence-based practice, which is backed up by our own professional and personal continuous development. Our Directors are highly qualified and experienced practitioners, and many of our Associates have Masters in their specialist area.

Founded 1998



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