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Creative, energetic, tailored learning & coaching to inspire and empower people to create inclusive working environments


Almost two decades of learning & coaching expertise from the hospitality, retail, transport, non-profit and creative industries, specialising in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. The business was founded by Zoe Holland; a professional learning expert who has spent over 15 years perfecting her learning and coaching skills and (along with select expert associates) has proven over and again that behavioural learning activities change the way people think, behave and understand others. In our innovative approach we use learning science, rather than traditional approaches, to create strength of insight (otherwise known as ‘aha moments’) for employees to reflect on their personal and team impact on Diversity, Equality, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (D&I). The idea is to activate personal accountability for how each individual behaves. When people are connected to their own self-awareness and feel they can make a difference, they will do everything within their ability to do the right thing. This is a powerful approach that creates inclusive working environments that enable belonging.

Founded 2020




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