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Enterprise League makes connecting with companies easy.
Publish business deals and find clients, no matter what industry you're in.

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The Economic Impact of Small Business

An astonishing 99% of all firms are small businesses. This means they play a key role in society by driving economic growth, employment and innovation. Despite this, they are often overlooked and underserved. 53% say it’s difficult for them to access solutions for growth.

Thanks to the fast technological innovation in the financial sector, small businesses are finally able to reap the rewards of this digital shift using dedicated services to meet their needs. Our B2B collaboration platform gives companies a new solution: simple to use online tool powered by innovative technology and advanced data analytics, accessible from anywhere and made for all kinds of businesses.

SMEs face existential threats due to insecure cash flow

Every minute there's a company that closes down.


Of companies fail within their first three years.


Of businesses fail due to cash flow shortages.


Of defeated business owners are in the bottom 40% of income earners.

Transforming the way SMEs do business

Trading products and services

The need for trading products and services hasn’t changed since ancient times.

However, the practices have. What was once done under an open sky, is now done online in a couple of clicks.

The Marketplace on Enterprise League holds to the principles of trading - giving small and medium businesses a free digital zone to buy or sell. No limitations or commissions apply. Even haggling is allowed.

You can do everything in Marketplace - find product/services, request quotations, information or proposals, negotiate, close deals, etc. However, due to their complexities, transactions aren’t possible. We believe every business should have full control over its transactions.

Supply chain diversification

By depending on a single supplier, you’re putting your business at big risk.

The market is ever-changing and unpredicted issues come up when you least expect them. Supply chain diversification allows you to be flexible and mitigate disruptions.

Enterprise League provides you with the means to keep your options open and diversify your supply. Use the Directory and Marketplace to search for alternative suppliers and approach them directly. With the advanced filters (location, category, keyword, no. of employees) you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Another efficient way to find new suppliers is to publish a Buy Deal in the DealZone, highlighting all your specific criteria. This is the perfect way for interested companies to send their best offers.
The end result is: you choosing the best business offer(s).


Don’t overburden your small team with tasks they don’t have the skills or time to do.

Keep your team focused on the core aspects of your business and outsource the rest to an external contractor. It’ll save you money and time on hiring extra in-house employees, and your work will be in professionals’ hands.

A handy way to find the right contractor is to publish a Buy Deal in the DealZone with all your requirements and specifications. Use the screening questions to easily rule out unqualified candidates.

Or you can always search through the Directory to find potential contractors and reach out to them in Messages. With over 100k companies from more than 80 countries in the world, it won’t be long until you get your next collaboration deal via Enterprise League.

Increasing client base

One of the top 5 most burning issues for any business is to build a solid client base and stabilise their cash flow.

Doing that through trade shows and conferences requires a lot of resources small businesses don't have.

Enterprise League is bringing startups and SMEs from around the world in one place. The B2B platform removes financial and geographical barriers, making it easy for all companies to connect and work together.

Act now and find your next profitable clients through Enterprise League. Reach out to them and offer your expertise. You can easily do that by identifying them in the business Directory, or keeping a close eye on the DealZone to find Deals your company is qualified for. Each deal proposal you send can bring you a new client.

Growing through brand partnerships

You’ve probably heard the saying:
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

In business, this is the ultimate truth. You need partners with whom you share the same vision and purpose. That’s why brand partnerships can help your company penetrate new markets, boost brand awareness and provide bigger value.

With that in mind, we built Enterprise League to bring you closer to your partners and simplify the process of identifying and reaching out to them. Not only you can use the Directory or DealZone for searching, but you can ask other members for referrals. This will help you make a better decision with your partnerships.

100% recommend Enterprise League if you are looking for new clients. We posted a Sell Deal and found one of our best long term clients. I'm happy our employee registered us here without even asking me!

Blaze Aleksovski
CEO of Coding Factory

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