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Exhibition / Trade Show business platform

All business exhibitors in one place, accessible from anywhere at any time.

Learn how you can use the platform to create your fixed online business exhibition space:
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Complete information about exhibitor companies

Understand the areas of operation and expertise of the exhibitor company through their full profile on the platform.
Find out about their products & services and how you could engage in a collaboration with them.

Find new clients online


lower cost than traditional exhibiting.

“Cost of virtual exhibiting is 76% less than traditional and it allows many more exhibitors to participate, which increases the value of the trade show by more than 100%.”

Expand your brand with your company profile


Additional company resources

Exhibitor companies can include additional resources to better showcase their value offering.
From brochures, catalogues, product information, manuals the possibilities are endless and cater to every business situation and requirement.

Branded company space

Companies create their own branded company page.
Include logos and images to showcase the company brand.
You can publish company announcements or updates regarding a promotion or a new offering your company wants to share.
Use this space to deliver the message you currently want to share.
Update company announcements to reflect the current status of your company offerings


Connect and chat with other companies

Connecting and communicating with other exhibiting companies is simple and effective. Browse and request to connect with companies of interest to you. Use the messaging services to instantly contact a company, ask them questions and receive their response instantaneously.

Find new business partners


more attendees than tradtional exhibitions.

“Virtual business exhibitions are easier for attendees to join because there is no travel involved and there is no minimum space requirement.“

Explore new business opportunities


Targeted company searches

Browse through the list of companies attending the exhibition.
See company information such as their industry and area of expertise, their products and services, location of operations and important keywords from their profiles. Identify prospective valuable business opportunities and connect with those companies.
Message them and propose your collaboration idea.

Product and service discover feature

Showcasing your company products and services has a tremendous impact on the exposure of your company profile and the business opportunities it attracts.
Many companies browse for the products and services they need and immediately contact companies that offer these with the intention to start a business collaboration.
Simply add all your value offerings as part of your company profile and see your products reach a wider audience.

Your business platform accessible from anywhere

With Enterprise League as your business exhibition and trade show solution you can virtually reach all exhibition participants at all times from anywhere.
It is your fixed forever company profile. You can use it to search for individual business opportunities, as well as participate in as many business exhibitions as needed.

Easy and simple to manage

Quick to reach your targeted business audience

The way to find business opportunities

Find new business deals and opportunities

Business exhibitions made infinite. Try it for free.

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