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The world's B2B
collaboration platform

No credit card needed. Used by over 105,000 companies.
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The fastest growing B2B platform helping companies collaborate better.

You're not alone

Companies from around the world are struggling

Centuri Styling logo
We are in constant need to reduce our costs to be profitable. Finding different sourcing partners has been incredibly challenging
Maria Priece

Founder and CEO at Centuri Styling

Bio-Di logo
We were relying on one major buyer for 75% of our entire revenue. Did not notice the dependence until the pandemic closure drastically reduced their orders.
Vasi George

Managing director at Bio-Di logo
Relying on our largest supplier puts us at risk of unexpected interruptions if their service fails. We need to diversify our supplier base
Wills Mic

CEO at

It's time to take control of your business

You have the power to eliminate your cash flow uncertainty.
Work and grow together with companies from around the world.


All active business deals in one place.
Send a proposal for an existing deal, or publish your own.


Find the right companies using a set of criteria and contact them easily.
Allow your company to be found easily by completing your profile.


Find specific products or services your company needs. Get detailed information and show interest for the offering.
Publish your own offerings and increase the visibility of your company.

The steps to grow your company

Create your company profile

Publish a Deal

Review business proposals

Start your new collaboration

SMEs face existential threats due to insecure cash flow

Every minute there's a company that closes down.


Of companies fail within their first three years.


Of businesses fail due to cash flow shortages.


Of defeated business owners are in the bottom 40% of income earners.

Take back control of your business

Create your company profile and start eliminating all cash flow threats

Create your company profile
No credit card needed. Used by over 105,000 companies.

Be the hero that unlocks your business potential

Collaborate with other companies

Develop strategic partnerships and networks to gain exposure to new target markets

Optimize your supply chain

Increase the efficiency of your offerings delivery to boost client profit and client satisfaction

Diversify your revenue

Expand your client base by expanding into new sectors and locations

Create contingency plans

Cover your biggest risks with new options and don't let your business struggle in challenging times

Establishing trusted worldwide collaborations

Companies of every size, industry and location have already made Enterprise League the place where their collaborations happen.

I 've had tremendous success with Enterprise League. So far I've found 15 different retails that we sell our products to. We will now start using it for broader partnerships as well since it's super easy to collaborate.

Koua logo
Erika Alvarez

Manager at Koua Mexico:

100% recommend Enterprise League if you are looking for new clients. We posted a Sell Deal and found one of our best long term clients. I'm happy our employee registered us here without even asking me!

CodingFactory logo
Blaze Aleksovski

CEO of Coding Factory:

We decided to try Enterprise League when we needed someone to help us expand our e-commerce site. We just reached out to other companies for new partnerships. From developers to wholesalers and suppliers. There's a wide range of companies. logo
Alex Palan

Director at

Frequently asked questions

What is Enterprise League?
Enterprise League is the world’s B2B collaboration platform. On the platform companies can connect with each other in order to collaborate on projects, share insights and experience, and trade products and services.
How much does it cost?
We made sure that every company can join Enterprise League, no matter how big their budget is.
The Basic plan is completely free and provides access to the most critical features of the platform. Moreover, there are also paid Standard and Premium membership plans for companies that want to grow faster. You can compare the prices and features here.
How does it work?
The first step is to create your company profile. Once this step is completed you can:
  – Showcase your Offerings by publishing them on our Marketplace. This will make them visible for other companies.
  – Publish a Buy or Sell Deal based on what you’re looking for, or send a proposal for a deal published by another company.
  – Search through the Directory for potential partners or clients.
  – Gain business insights or ask for advice in the Knowledge Hub
  – Get special offers from our partners in the Golden Circle
Is my company profile public?
All profiles are public, both internally and externally. What does this mean?
  – All members of the platform can see and visit your profile, deals and offerings.
  – Your profile appears on Search Engine Results Pages.
Therefore, all company profiles are SEO friendly and we strongly advise completing profile information to benefit from the algorithm.
Who can join?
Every company regardless of its size, number of employees, industry and location can join. The only thing important is that your business is already legally registered in the country of origin.
What is Directory?
Directory is a section in the platform where you can find all member companies. But instead of scrolling down endlessly, there are filters you can use to get results that match your needs. You can search companies by category, subcategory, location, number of employees, offerings and free text search.
What is Dealzone?
DealZone is a section in the platform where companies can publish or send a proposal for tender-like Deals. There are two types of deals: Buy and Sell.
Let’s say a company needs IT equipment for their new headquarters. They will publish a Buy Deal with all specific requirements and criteria. Companies can then send proposals for their best offers until the deadline.
It’s the same for Sell deals, only the other way around: a company is selling their products or services.