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Enterprise League, Building the Fastest Growing Business Platform for Companies

That’s why it is important to optimize the way we gather and analyze user feedback. When creating our feedback forms, we focus on addressing common concerns and misunderstandings that we have heard about from our support channels. We often opt for the personal approach with our users and are in regular contact with them through social media and email. Irina Georgieva CEO and co-founder of Enterprise League

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Enterprise League is a platform that connects SMEs, enabling them to find business partnerships and collaborations. The Al-powered online platform allows users to screen potential partnerships quickly, and organize existing ones. The aim is to help your business become more visible, and grow faster, something Enterprise League knows all about - it's fast-growing business itself.

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Irina Georgieva, Co-Founder & CEO of Enterprise League tells that ‘Enterprise League’ is the fastest growing business platform for startups and SMEs, having acquired circa 100K users in 2020 alone. Powered by a smart search algorithm, companies get recommended business opportunities tailored to their preferences. Companies use the platform to take back control over their finances and operations, reduce business dependencies like relying on middlemen, limited clients, weak supply chain, and more.

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At Enterprise League, we are passionate about helping people improve the way they do business. We are on a mission to help millions of entrepreneurs expand their business horizon and increase their company’s success.

Business platform Enterprise League sees unprecedented user growth

Enterprise League is extremely proud to share such results particularly since it is facilitating the way companies collaborate during these difficult times we are facing. We are constantly collecting first-hand feedback from our users with the sole purpose of creating and providing more value to companies within the UK.

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Enterprise League (EL) is a B2B platform for SMEs. Through EL’s platform, small businesses can advertise what their value offerings are for free and search for other firms they can do business with. Moreover, companies can specify exactly what they need at the moment through “bid” posts which are also searchable through our extensive search filters (location, industry, sector, number of employees, and specific keywords). Irina Georgieva CEO and co-founder of Enterprise League

5 Cost effective ways to scale up your business

Many entrepreneurs around the world are under constant pressure to scale up their businesses. They repeatedly receive different bits of advice from both investors and advisors. One side wants to scale your business fast, whilst the other advises you to do go through the process patiently and carefully. To make things easier for you when choosing the best business scaling strategy, we will go through every detail you need to know, starting with the basics.

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed at Work (121 Powerful Tips)

At some point, you must realize that you need to change something if you want to keep your health and sanity, and still succeed with your business. I understood that, adapted to the situation and found a solution to this common problem that many entrepreneurs face. To remain energized, I scheduled a Monday to Friday gym exercise. You’ll probably think that the situation will get worse, but on the contrary, things changed for the better. Irina Georgieva CEO and co-founder of Enterprise League

Reasons to be Cheerful about Brexit

We are expecting to fare even better as there will be an increasing need to connect EU and UK SMEs to work together. As we are breaking walls between countries, we are witnessing a lot of connections between companies from the same industry, meaning SMEs are open to collaborate with their fellow industry members, to expand knowledge and create new opportunities. This will undoubtedly trigger a surge in innovation and we can expect to see growth for SMEs. Irina Georgieva CEO and co-founder of Enterprise League

Time Management Techniques from CTOs

As a CTO the most important things for me are the productivity & efficiency of my team. Considering the fast-paced & information-saturated world we live in, it is crucial for us to be clear about the priorities for the team and how that reflects our goals - Atanas Georgiev, Co-Founder & CTO of Enterprise League

3 Entrepreneurs provide advice on leading teams with remote employees

At Enterprise League, people are our most valuable resources. Their contribution helps us keep the business platform running and growing despite the pandemic crisis we are currently facing. As we have been constrained to rely solely on remote working, I have adopted weekly checkpoints for leading teams and weekly goss meetings to keep a quality communication level and recreate the team’s connection remotely. Irina Georgieva CEO and co-founder of Enterprise League

Interview with Irina Georgieva, Co-founder and CEO of Enterprise League

We can expect to see Enterprise League to play a significant part in helping businesses out of the crisis caused by the pandemic. Many companies will turn to the platform in search for business deals and collaborations to fill out the gaps left by their clients and business partners. To better address this need, we are working hard to quickly scale the platform to more countries besides the UK and USA where we have a solid presence. The aim is to create the world’s go-to place where business happens. Irina Georgieva CEO and co-founder of Enterprise League

10+ insightful tips for new managers

In order to unleash your employees’ full potential, you must give them responsibilities. Allocate each employee processes which they own and manage independently. Your role will be to provide them with guidance and be available for consultations. Therefore giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility will enable them to grow in their role quicker and more successfully. It will challenge their time management and organizational skills but with time and perseverance, they will acquire skills that won’t come from micromanagement. Irina Georgieva CEO and co-founder of Enterprise League

Ways to cut overhead costs

Review your marketing mix [and] compare how much you are spending and gaining from each channel. If, for example, you are investing a lot in PR … but you don’t see a significant increase in your website traffic, it is very likely that you are targeting the wrong marketing channel. Irina Georgieva CEO and co-founder of Enterprise League

Work from home outfit

A simple day dress is my to-go WFH outfit. It is easy to wear, and often very comfortable for long hours spent sitting on a desk. The main reasoning behind this type of outfit is to wear something that isn’t tight and makes you feel uncomfortable, that you cannot wait to take off after work.

CEO Interview - Irina Georgieva

The original idea was to bring more business opportunities to small companies around the world by giving them direct access to potential business collaborations and eliminate the need to rely on the middleman. This is still at the core of what we do. Irina Georgieva CEO and co-founder of Enterprise League

Positive Mindset Tips for Small Business

Focus on the things/aspects of your work that you can control. Be rational, put your energy towards identifying ways you can adapt your business e.g., increase your online presence, join seminars, do online networking, etc. Key is to think of ways to adapt your practices to fit the current situation we are facing. Irina Georgieva CEO and co-founder of Enterprise League

Future of Works Interview - Irina Georgieva

Our goal has been to be very agile in terms of our employee performance and their processes. Thus we introduced monthly employee performance reviews to help us identify bottlenecks in a timely manner and work on eliminating these. Continuous feedback will remain to be an essential practice within our company as it’s essential to help our employees navigate their job responsibilities and meet performance expectations successfully.

Business Education for female entrepreneurs

The number of female entrepreneurs has been on the rise in recent years and now more than ever women are aspiring to achieve financial freedom. However, it is a fact that many are discouraged by the huge gap of knowledge they are faced with. Not knowing where to start and what steps they need to take, keeps women stuck in their 9-5 jobs. Irina Georgieva CEO and co-founder of Enterprise League

From a communist country to a London entrepreneur, a female founder's journey with Irina Georgieva

Her company's mission is to empower small businesses to grow by enabling them to find new business opportunities quickly and easily.


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