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Features List:

Number of products and services

All the products and/or services you can publish on your profile. They will all be visible to everyone visiting our busines community

Number of subcategories

Subcategories are like keywords. Choose the most relevant for your company to get the right traffic and leads.

Analytics dashboard

In the search results, the ultimate members appear first, followed by the Premium members, and thirdly the most recently active companies.

Listing position

Company page visits, Search impressions, Website clicks, Product impressions, Tender impressions, Product views and Tender views.

Last active companies listed first
Priority over free members
Priority over Premium members
Showcase achievements with Enterprise League badges

Members of the Enterprise League community can be included on our blog's articles, and win achievement badges. You can add these badges to your website or social media accounts. Increase your visibility by showcasing your achievements.

Showcase your expertise

Eligibility to share your knowledge, experience or story with our business community of more than 100,000 entrepreneurs.

(1 per month)
Priority over premium members (1 per month)
Social media promo

We love promoting and sharing our members to the community. Send us your social media account and basic company information so our audience can get to know you.

Limited to 1 lifetime
Priority over free members (1 per month)
Priority over premium members (1 per month)
Advertorial and Press release

Show your company's expertise by publishing a promotional price on your company. This will be shared on our blog with over 100,000 monthly readers and on our newsletter.

(1 per month)
Company/Enterpreneur interviews

We love sharing inspiring stories. Sign up for an interview to talk about your business and entrepreneurial journey and show your company's achievements. It will be shared on our blog with over 100,000 monthly readers, as well as on our newsletter.

(1 per month)
Article feature

All member companies can be listed in one of our featred articles. If an article fits your industry or seems relevant to you, let us know and we will include a whole paragraph about your company in it.

(1 per month)
(1 per month)

Frequently asked questions

What is Enterprise League?

Enterprise League is the worlds most empowering business community for ambitious small companies. A place where companies can connect with each other, collaborate on projects, share insights and experience, and promote producst and services

How much does it cost?

We offer our completely free Basic plan for any company, no matter their budget or size. For more advanced features and benefits check out paid Premium and Ultimate planes here

How does it work?

1.Create your company profile. 2.Publish your products and services on our Marketplace. 3.Publish and Bid on Tenders. 4.Find and connect with other companies.

Is my company profile public

All profiles are public, both internally and externally. All members of the community can see your profile, tenders, products and services. Moreover, every profile is SEO optimsed to attract traffic and increase their online presence. We strongly advice completing profile information to benefit from our AL algorithm.

Who can join?

Any legally registered company in its country of origin, regardless of size, number of employees, industry or location.

What is Directory?

Directory is the place where all community members are. Minimise your search and filter your search criteria by category, location and a lot more

What is Tender Hub?

Tender Hub is a centralised place where companies publish and send bids to Tenders. For example, a company needs IT equipment for their new headquarters. They will publish a Buy Tender with an expiry date and all their specific requirements. Then companies can bid on their best offer.

What are the benefits of joining?

By joining Enterprise League you get higher online visibility to promote your business. A chance to connect with entrepreneurs and companies from around the world and find targeted leads and bid on business tenders.

What can I do on the platform?

After you create a profile for your company you can then: 1. Build connections with other company members in our community. 2.Advertise your producst and services to potential buyers. 3. Publish business tenders and bid on them.

How is it different from LinkedIn

Although at first glance they might appear similar, Enterprise League is different than LinkedIn. Whereas LinkedIn is primarily an employment-oriented online service, Enterprise League is a community of companies. Moreover, on Enterprise League you are not publishing job offers, but rather business tenders that companies can bid on. With us you are growing your business and promoting your online presence, while on LinkedIn you are only developing your professional network.

How limited is the free option?

The Free plan gives you access to all the essential features you need to grow your online presence and stand out within the community. However, some features are more limited. For example you cannot add a second business location, you are not be eligible to share your business expertise with our audience or receive additional support from a dedicated company page analyst. Users of the Free plan do not get interview opportunities and cannot contribute as experts to our blog. For more information on our plans click here

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