Empowering the smallest!

How amazing would it be to just visit one place, search for the services you need, and to immediately contact the right people in that company?


Enterprise League is a business community that brings startups and small businesses together.


Discover, connect, and collaborate all in one place.

Our Mission

Our goal is to facilitate the search for the right business partner and speed it up from weeks or months, to just minutes.

We are firmly committed to making small companies stand out and even compete with big ones. We want to make these benefits available to all.
That is why the platform is free for everyone!

Our Vision

We empower small companies and provide them with a platform for growth in a market dominated by big corporations.
We seek startups, small and medium sized companies to launch them into a supportive and helpful community.

We believe that honesty, authenticity, commitment and trust are the values that shape successful business communication.

A business community, rich with many companies, tenders, opportunities, services and products.


Companies are just a click away from each other.

They can publish tenders, promote their products, connect with others, build networks, and most importantly grow successfully.

Publish tenders, promote their products, connect with others, build networks, and most importantly grow successfully.


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Meet the team




Co-founder and idea generator with business background. Constantly comes up with trials for the rest of the team.


Everything is possible.




Technologist with a huge passion for product development, psychology & leadership. Big fan of Continuous improvement.


If you have a why, you can bear with almost any 'how'.

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