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All deals data in one place

Deal Zone is a business deals pool that merges and augments your business opportunities data

Centralized access to business deals

One unified place with deals, accessible to every company.
No multiple platforms, no master networking skills needed.

Get the best deals

Expand your knowledge of new and past business deals with real-time data. No more guesswork. Just accurate information to place a bid that will win you the deal.

Eliminate costs

Proactively search and find a true competitive advantage by maintaining a constant flow of new business partnerships in your EL partner database.

3 reasons to use Deal Zone


Diversify your business collaborations

Diversify your collaborators by quickly accessing information to understand businesses, their operations and deal opportunities.


Take control

Stay ahead of changes and be adaptable with Deal Zone’s constant flow of deals data. The more deals you bid for, the faster you can get new business.


Gain a true competitive edge

Remove the gap in your digital business deals sourcing process and increase your revenue by exploiting business opportunities.

You're in good company

"It is a fantastic opportunity for companies that want to find clients and collaborations."

Olivia John
Director, TekRevol

"We distribute to 15 times more retailers than we did half a year ago. And that would not be possible without Enterprise League."

Erika Alvarez
Founder & Manager, Koua Mexico

"We were skeptical about B2B platforms, as we were an early adapter, but one of them turned to be a fantastic business partner which we still work with."

Dan Levy
Founder, DL-Limousine

"We had a few clients but we needed more to be 100% profitable. So Enterprise League was the perfect solution and we started to be proactive and within the first months found valuable clients that we still work with."

Blaze Aleksovski
CEO, Coding Factory

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Find, connect and collaborate.
New business deals - in one place.

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