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Faster and smart company sourcing

Explore helps you find and collaborate with companies from anywhere faster and easier

Digitise the endless search

Define your search needs and instantly obtain a wide choice of potential collaborators to have the broadest view of your market.

Rethink business collaborations

No more disappointments. Use explore’s filters for a 360 degree reach and be sure that you find and work with the best companies that suit your needs.

Collaborate effectively

No more time-consuming email-management. Validate companies, exchange information and collaborate directly via explore.

3 reasons to use Explore


Optimize business partnerships

Adopt eL’s A.I. powered system to easily validate, connect with and manage new business partners faster and with less friction.


Maximize business operations

Don’t spend time on repetitive manual work. Invest more time on strategic and valuable tasks.


Stop wasting money and time

The more targeted search you do, the better your insights and the bigger your savings will be.

You're in good company

"It is a fantastic opportunity for companies that want to find clients and collaborations."

Olivia John
Director, TekRevol

"We distribute to 15 times more retailers than we did half a year ago. And that would not be possible without Enterprise League."

Erika Alvarez
Founder & Manager, Koua Mexico

"We were skeptical about B2B platforms, as we were an early adapter, but one of them turned to be a fantastic business partner which we still work with."

Dan Levy
Founder, DL-Limousine

"We had a few clients but we needed more to be 100% profitable. So Enterprise League was the perfect solution and we started to be proactive and within the first months found valuable clients that we still work with."

Blaze Aleksovski
CEO, Coding Factory

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