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Here we will cover the privacy policy, in fact explaining that we will not share your data with anyone.


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Women’s Business Empowerment and Gender Equality

Have you heard of Sarah Breedlove? She was an African-American woman living in the 19th century who achieved success no other woman imagined possible at the time. Or for Margaret Hardenbrook...

4 Common Myths about Owning a Business – BUSTED

4. All You Need to Succeed Is a Great IdeaIdeas are great. However, they're not enough and they don't always turn out for the best. Everyone has a genius idea at some point of their life. Yet, to...

4 Common Myths about Owning a Business – BUSTED

Entrepreneurs are everywhere and that's a good thing. The economy is growing and the future is prosperous. However, if you are a newbie in the world of entrepreneurship, many business myths might...

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