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22 business mindset quotes to motivate you

22 business mindset quotes to motivate you

Motivation can come in many forms, but one that most people find helpful is reading business mindset quotes shared by experienced leaders and entrepreneurs.

Top 14 repair business ideas in 2024

From bicycle repair shops to handyman businesses, we’ve made a list of 14 profitable repair business ideas that you can start right away with low startup costs.

Top 20 gaming startups to know (2024)

Top 20 gaming startups to know (2024)

Let’s take a look at these 20 startups that have the potential to become unicorns one day and make big changes in the gaming industry.

The best 16 tutoring business ideas in 2024

The best 16 tutoring business ideas in 2024

If you’re looking to turn your teaching skills into a profitable business, we got you covered with our list of tutoring business ideas you can start right away.

Mistakes when buying a house

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a property investor, the journey to finding your dream home can be laden with mistakes that could easily be avoided.

32 top legal tech startups in 2024

32 top legal tech startups in 2024

As technology intrudes in the legal industry, new innovative legal startups with amazing solutions are revolutionizing the whole industry and making justice accessible to everyone.

15 trending perfume business ideas in 2024

From perfume subscription boxes to fragrance-making workshops, check out our inspirational list of 15 perfume business ideas for first-time entrepreneurs.

Top 16 sports business ideas (2024)

From retail sports shops to sports camps, check out our list of 16 sports business ideas with potential earnings that are perfect for sports enthusiasts.

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What is Enterprise League?

Enterprise League is the world’s B2B collaboration platform. On the platform companies can connect with each other in order to collaborate on projects, share insights and experience, and trade products and services.

How much does it cost?

We made sure that every company can join Enterprise League, no matter how big their budget is.
Basic plan is completely free and provides access to the most critical features of the platform. Moreover, there are also paid Standard and Premium membership plans for companies that want to grow faster. You can compare the prices and features here.

Is my company profile public?

All profiles are public, both internally and externally. What does this mean?
– All members of the platform can see and visit your profile, deals and offerings.
– Your profile appears on Search Engine Results Pages.
Therefore, all company profiles are SEO friendly and we strongly advise completing profile information to benefit from the algorithm.

What is Dealzone?

DealZone is a section in the platform where companies can publish or bid on tender-like Deals. There are two types of deals: Buy and Sell.
Let’s say a company needs IT equipment for their new headquarters. They will publish a Buy Deal with all specific requirements and criteria. Companies can then bid their best offers until the deadline.
It’s the same for Sell deals, only the other way around: a company is selling their products or services.

How does it work?

The first step is to create your company profile. Once this step is completed you can:
– Showcase your Offerings by publishing them on our Marketplace. This will make them visible for other companies.
– Publish a Buy or Sell Deal based on what you’re looking for, or Bid on a deal published by another company.
– Search through the Directory for potential partners or clients.
– Gain business insights or ask for advice in the Knowledge Hub
– Get special offers from our partners in the Golden Circle

Who can join?

Every company regardless of its size, number of employees, industry and location can join. The only thing important is that your business is already legally registered in the country of origin.

What is Directory?

Directory is a section in the platform where you can find all member companies. But instead of scrolling down endlessly, there are filters you can use to get results that match your needs. You can search companies by category, subcategory, location, number of employees, offerings and free text search.

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