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Find result driven, quick and easy business tips to give your business a competitive advantage over your rivals, become more efficient with your resources and adapt to new technologies and innovations quickly.

4 ways to protect your company from a data breach

A single data breach can be enough to bring even the most successful company down. That’s why businesses should protect their data at all costs and be careful with who and what they trust online.

Best practices for scaling up your small business

Best practices for scaling up your small business

As the business landscape continually changes, scaling your operations correctly is the goal of many organizations. Entrepreneurs now find it more important than ever to make sure they are staying on top of the latest technology, as well as doing their best to retain their customer

4 ways blockchain technology can benefit small businesses

4 ways blockchain technology can benefit small businesses

With blockchain technology, SMEs can take full advantage of its features and run their operations more efficiently and effectively than before. In this manner, they can open up opportunities beyond their borders and reach their business goals.

7 handy tips for writing better product descriptions (2022)

7 handy tips for writing better product descriptions (2022)

Writing punchy product descriptions probably doesn’t sit that high on your list of priorities. But if your online store is suffering from stagnant sales, it could be an area where making improvements bears fruit in a flash.

Dental practice growth: 6 proven and tested tips

Over the years, it has been understood that innovation is the key to success. And, this is where dental marketing plans have played a huge role. They have attracted and engaged so many patients toward different dental solutions and have also helped the dental facilities to flourish.

An entrepreneur’s guide to business name registration in Ontario

If you are in Ontario, Canada, and want to register your business name, there are different ways you can do it. With the help of the internet and modern technology, proprietors can now opt to register their businesses online without submitting documents by person or mail.

The fastest way of exporting MSG to PDF online

MSG files are essential in everyday life, whether for personal use or in the organization. However, it gets complicated when it comes to saving the data for future purposes unless it’s in PDF.

22 smart ways to enhance efficiency in business

Efficiency in business is crucial to profitability so managers need to constantly find ways to improve it. Here we have a couple of dozen ways you can improve business efficiency.

How to promote you small business on a budget?

To successfully promote a small business, it is not necessary to invest large sums in the promotion. There are several effective ways for promotion, that do not require a significant financial investment.

How to improve user-friendliness on your business website

Making sure your website is user-friendly is critical to the success of your business. If people can’t easily find what they’re looking for, or if the website is difficult to navigate, they will quickly move on to another site.

Creative ways for growing your small business: 4 tested tips

Small business owners should always be looking for ways to grow their businesses. They may eventually develop into SMEs or become their own thing entirely. There are plenty of different ways to develop your business, which is what this article will focus on.

7 ways to leverage excel for your business

In this article, we’ve discussed a variety of Excel spreadsheet uses for business that you can implement right now to enhance the usage of this software in your company’s daily operations, from tracking inventories to automating repetitive chores.

Top 5 types of investments for an EB-5 visa

As a foreign entrepreneur looking to immigrate to the US, deciding to make an EB-5 visa investment is the first concrete step towards securing your Green Card. But the decision to take this pathway toward permanent residency isn’t the only major choice you’ll have to...

How to properly secure customer personal information

Customer data protection is one of the most important determinants of business growth. Although online services provide fast, affordable, and convenient solutions, their rising adoption encourages data breaches.

6 steps to creating a course that sells

Looking for the best way to share your knowledge and earn money doing it? This article gives you concrete steps you can take to creating a course that sells.

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What is Enterprise League?

Enterprise League is the world’s B2B collaboration platform. On the platform companies can connect with each other in order to collaborate on projects, share insights and experience, and trade products and services.

How much does it cost?

We made sure that every company can join Enterprise League, no matter how big their budget is.
Basic plan is completely free and provides access to the most critical features of the platform. Moreover, there are also paid Standard and Premium membership plans for companies that want to grow faster. You can compare the prices and features here.

Is my company profile public?

All profiles are public, both internally and externally. What does this mean?
– All members of the platform can see and visit your profile, deals and offerings.
– Your profile appears on Search Engine Results Pages.
Therefore, all company profiles are SEO friendly and we strongly advise completing profile information to benefit from the algorithm.

What is Dealzone?

DealZone is a section in the platform where companies can publish or bid on tender-like Deals. There are two types of deals: Buy and Sell.
Let’s say a company needs IT equipment for their new headquarters. They will publish a Buy Deal with all specific requirements and criteria. Companies can then bid their best offers until the deadline.
It’s the same for Sell deals, only the other way around: a company is selling their products or services.

How does it work?

The first step is to create your company profile. Once this step is completed you can:
– Showcase your Offerings by publishing them on our Marketplace. This will make them visible for other companies.
– Publish a Buy or Sell Deal based on what you’re looking for, or Bid on a deal published by another company.
– Search through the Directory for potential partners or clients.
– Gain business insights or ask for advice in the Knowledge Hub
– Get special offers from our partners in the Golden Circle

Who can join?

Every company regardless of its size, number of employees, industry and location can join. The only thing important is that your business is already legally registered in the country of origin.

What is Directory?

Directory is a section in the platform where you can find all member companies. But instead of scrolling down endlessly, there are filters you can use to get results that match your needs. You can search companies by category, subcategory, location, number of employees, offerings and free text search.

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