Top 3 online tools for marketers in 2023

January 18, 2023

Marketing is crucial for any business, as it’s the only way to advertise your services and products and grow your client base. Yet, marketing isn’t as easy as it might seem, especially not if you want to remain relevant in your industry. Many businesses have a designated marketer, whether an in-house employee or a hired as a freelancer or independent contractor. We know marketing isn’t always straightforward, even more so for a marketer managing multiple accounts online on social media. You can use proxies at affordable proxy prices to bypass certain restrictions. However, there are still more tools that can make your job much easier.

What every marketer needs

Many proxies are available, with proxy prices that aren’t too expensive. Proxies enable marketers to create and manage multiple social media accounts that would otherwise be restricted. Most social platforms only allow a handful of accounts per IP address and will start issuing IP bans when too many accounts are created or managed from the same IP. 

However, while using a proxy is crucial, it’s only one part of the solution for digital marketers. Below, we examine three tools that will fulfill every marketer’s dreams of making marketing much easier and more manageable.

Social media accounts management – Jarvee

Keeping on top of followers, posts, and other essential aspects of social media is tricky enough with one account. It becomes even more difficult for marketers who manage multiple brands with several social media accounts per brand. Jarvee is a social media management tool where you can add multiple accounts from different social media platforms and manage these accounts. You can instantly see the account’s statistics, like how many followers you gained and the foot traffic on the account. You can also schedule posts for the different platforms, making it a much more efficient way to manage your social media marketing efforts. 

When you load multiple accounts on Jarvee, you’ll also need to have proxies, and while free proxies are available, they’re not as dependable. Instead, look for affordable proxy prices to use a premium proxy server. Once you have your proxies, you can add them under the Proxy Manager tab on Jarvee, which also lets you assign which account uses which proxy address. This is ideal when you manage multiple accounts.

Information gathering – Scrapebox

Web scraping is integral to gathering information and staying on top of the latest trends. Web scraping is when you use software to scrape a website for information related to your chosen keyword. You can also scrape social media platforms to see what competitors offer, the latest social media trends, and your consumers’ wants. This technique is used to create a successful marketing strategy. It’s an automated process that takes a few minutes, much faster than the days or weeks it can take to gather all the information manually.

Software and tools like Scrapebox, Parsehub, and Screaming Frog are all used to scrape websites. Once the websites are scraped, the information will be in raw HTML format. However, a built-in parser will ensure that this format is converted into a readable CSV or Excel spreadsheet format. After purchasing the software, even someone not well-versed in tech and coding can use it. After adding your proxies to Scrapebox, or whichever web scraper you’re using, you can start collecting data. The proxies will ensure the tool isn’t IP blocked and runs smoothly.

Outreach mail campaigns – Mail Merge

A crucial part of any marketing campaign is reaching out to your existing client base and potential consumers. The easiest way to create engagement with your clients is using an email campaign. You can use emails to send recent brand news and deals and engage with your clients. It’s especially useful if you have a subscription newsletter or system on your website. Tools like Mail Merge are used to send bulk emails to multiple recipients and to personalize the emails.

Using Mail Merge, you can integrate it with your existing systems and automate the type of emails you want to send to clients. These emails can range from offering the latest deals or bonus codes to asking for a review after they purchase a product. It instantly makes your marketing more effective as you engage with existing customers and keep the brand in their minds. It’s also an effective way to attract new customers to the brand. After gathering information via web scraping, you can start an outreach campaign to entice more followers to the brand. It’s also possible to personalize the emails to follow your brand image and make each client feel valued personally.


Marketing is a crucial yet sometimes daunting task. As technology developed, it moved away from traditional advertising and became more focused on social media platforms. However, that creates more significant competition between brands. Businesses can reach a wider audience and market more effectively. Marketing managers often have to manage multiple media accounts which can be a challenge. 

This remains true whether it’s different social media platforms for one brand or multiple brands. Proxies are vital in managing these accounts successfully. Proxy servers can be seamlessly integrated with marketing tools. With affordable proxy prices and superb marketing tools, marketers have everything they need for a successful marketing strategy.

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