19 renewable energy startups with the best problem-solving solutions

June 02, 2022

The most promising renewable energy startups for 2022.

Renewable energy startups are a growing force in the energy industry. They’re bringing new technology and innovative business models to an industry that was previously dominated by large, established companies.

In the past few years, many renewable energy startups have been founded by young entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference in the world. They often have the skills needed to get their ideas off the ground, but they need funding to scale up their operations.

Furthermore, the market for renewable energy is growing rapidly as governments around the world put pressure on companies to produce more energy from clean sources. This is great news for startups in this industry because they’re able to raise more money than ever before.

What are renewable energy startups?

Renewable energy startups are companies that are developing new technologies and services to make the world more sustainable. They are playing an increasing role in the green economy by providing new products and services that help reduce the world’s carbon emissions.

There are many reasons why these companies are important to the renewable energy industry. First, they’re rapidly innovating upon existing technologies to make them more efficient and affordable. Second, they’re helping drive down costs by developing cheaper manufacturing processes, which means better products at lower prices for consumers. And finally, they’re creating jobs around the world in areas where employment opportunities have been scarce.

The most promising and innovative renewable energy startups for 2022

Innovation doesn’t happen overnight, but these 19 renewable energy startups are making waves in the industry with their innovative ideas.


Kitepower is developing cost-effective and innovative alternatives to existing wind turbines and is known as the leading startup in Airborne Wind Energy (AWE). Their patented technology is a game-changer in the wind energy sector and uses up to 90% less material with the potential of being twice as efficient than conventional wind turbines with the same power output. 

The transition to a sustainable future requires moving away from nuclear power plants or centralized fossil, toward decentralized renewable energy farms. Hence, unlike conventional wind turbines, the systems of this renewable energy startup don’t require heavy foundations or resource-intensive towers and are thus highly mobile and easy to deploy.


Phelas is one of the most promising renewable energy startups that want to make a very simple vision reality. More specifically, they want to make 100% renewable electricity a “no-brainer” everywhere on this planet.

This renewable energy company develops the solution for the energy transition which is a modular, mass-produced and cost-effective, and safe electricity storage system for utilities, grid operators, industry, renewable energy developers, and operators.


The team of Wegaw, being aware that a successful global transition to clean energy will require substantial investment into new technologies and infrastructure, offers a cost-effective solution for renewable energy asset optimization.

Wegaw, through the power of satellite data, helps companies around the world to optimize clean energy production and by today they achieved a 10% increase in Energy Generation through water and snowmelt monitoring for short-term water forecasting.


Epishine has a passionate team with an epic vision that was founded on the basis of 30+ years of research in organic electronics and photovoltaics and the development of the manufacturing process within printed organic solar cells.

Furthermore, this renewable energy startup has a mission to be at the forefront of printed organic solar cells and, in a series of phases, to offer the world’s most scalable, affordable, and resource-efficient solar cell.

New A.G.E.

New A.G.E. is another of the most promising companies that care for the environment that create a cleaner future. This renewable energy company developed a cost-effective solution to fly ash pollution.

They remove tons of buried toxic fly ash that leach mercury, arsenic, and sulfur into communities’ groundwater and air. Their mind-blowing solution recycles the waste to create clean, sustainable hydrogen power. It simultaneously removes toxic waste from coal and ash, produces hydrogen for clean sustainable electricity, and harvests rare earth elements.

Celsius Energy

Celsius Energy is a geothermal energy company that reduces buildings’ carbon footprint. This renewable energy startup is founded by three engineers that were brought together by their commitment to the environment. By using their expertise and uniting their strengths they meet the challenge of our times: fighting climate change

Their solution is a geothermal energy system that is a combination of proven processes and consists of three main elements: a closed, pyramid-shaped geothermal energy exchanger, heat pump, and digital control. That being the case, this is a cost-effective, sustainable and simple solution that is making a huge impact in our world.


SunSights is a solar solutions provider that fights to create a green future. With an aim to provide a sustainable and secure source of energy, this renewable energy startup taps into the infinite source of solar energy through smart technology.

The main purpose is to provide uninterrupted quality grid-connected electricity to homes, factories, hospitals, and schools. The division uses a turnkey solution that utilizes an IoT platform to establish communication within its ecosystem and deliver an innovative and optimized solar power setup.

Fervo Energy

Fervo Energy is a next-generation geothermal developer, generating clean power in new places. The mission of the company is to leverage innovation in geoscience to accelerate the clean energy transition. That way they will achieve to deliver 24×7 carbon-free energy.

Moreover, Fervo Energy’s technology leverages over a decade of innovation in drilling and production from the shale sector, leading to dramatic improvements in system performance and well design. Thus, this renewable energy startup unlocks a new class of geothermal resources by combining advanced drilling techniques, cloud-based analytics, and fiber-optic sensing.

HST Solar

HST Solar is a renewable energy startup that has a mission to improve people’s lives by scaling clean energy to 1 billion people. Whether you want to buy or develop clean energy, this company can help you be a part of the change.

Since it was founded in 2012, HST Solar has become the leading cloud-based clean energy software provider with over 800GW of projects in 100 countries on the network. Using HST’s view and cue platforms, these global clean energy buyers and sellers seamlessly transact for clean energy.

Celtic Renewables

Celtic Renewables is an innovative and award-winning company formed to commercialize a process for producing a superior next-generation biofuel from the by-products of biological industries.

To achieve its mission, this company developed and patented low-carbon technology that converts low-value biological and unwanted material into high-value renewable chemicals, sustainable biofuel, and other commercially and environmentally valuable commodities.

Cherry Street Energy

Cherry Street Energy is a renewable energy company from Georgia that is transforming Georgia’s energy marketplace. Solar power is intelligent and inevitable. And, since we’ve reached a tipping point where the economic, societal, and environmental advantages are staggering, the built environment of the future will incorporate solar energy wherever possible.

This company makes solar achievable by powering cities, businesses, and institutions with renewable energy. They sell solar power directly to large-scale customers, thus, they are enabling them to stabilize their energy rates and make measurable, significant reductions in their carbon emissions.

Enernet Global

Enernet Global is aiming to drive the global adoption of clean energy by developing, financing, operating, and building microgrids that benefit companies, investors, and communities, alike. They as a team strongly believe that they will displace polluting and expensive fuels with high penetration renewable systems and are dedicated to making that a reality. 

For that purpose, these renewable energy startup delivers the benefits of renewable generation and energy storage with intelligent control and no upfront costs. This way it enables customers to focus on their core business.

Peak Clean Energy

Peak Clean Energy is an owner and local developer of utility-scale solar energy projects. Born and bred in the United States the team of this renewable energy startup is focused on creating new sources of clean renewable energy at the local level. 

To achieve that, they partner with landowners, regional and investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives, municipalities, commercial and industrial electricity consumers, and the community at large to build economic and environmentally responsible projects.

Bloom Biorenewables

Bloom Biorenewables is a Swiss, science-driven renewable energy startup at the forefront of the global transition to a circular economy. They commercialize and develop multiple breakthrough technologies to sustainably produce bio-based materials for a multitude of industries.

Transforming non-edible biomass into high-performance products, Bloom Biorenewables generates new value from agricultural residues and has gained trust from the largest global impact fund – Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Extantia) and large industrial partners (Yokogawa).


Radiant is making nuclear technology cost-effective and portable. They have mobile power sources delivered anywhere rapidly to provide electricity and heat to remote communities, bases, and disaster areas.

Each unit delivers over 1 MegaWatt of electricity and can operate for up to 8 years. Hence it can provide enough power to support over 1,000 homes per unit. Moreover, it enables centralized fueling, remote monitoring, and maintenance enable microgrids without any permanent impacts.

Better Earth

Better Earth is another of the most promising renewable energy startups that were founded to solve a problem. In this case, Better Earth is dedicated to solving multiple problems they saw in the solar industry. 

More specifically, with Better Earth, customers can own their power and pay less without having to compromise between affordability and aesthetics. They have premium designed high-quality products with the strongest 25-year production guarantee.

Power Global

Power Global is a fast-growing startup that is building one of the largest battery swapping networks in India with an intent to connect ravee drivers everywhere with our swap-and-go eZee battery modules.

Furthermore, the eOsk stations are conveniently located citywide at stores, parking lots, and businesses, and are accessible through the Power Global mobile app. eZee module has a 100% reliable and maintenance-free design, the highest safety in its class with patented thermal management, and  IOT-connected for real-time optimization.


In Everfuel, the whole team is firm believers in hydrogen produced from renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydropower. Hydrogen production through electrolyzers is a proven technology and it offers an efficient way to increase utilization of the fluctuating renewable energy that will otherwise be curtailed.

They are dedicated to decarbonizing the electricity systems through renewable energy, but, to also decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors such as heavy industry and mobility we need green hydrogen. Produced from renewable energy, the green hydrogen will play a critical role in curbing climate change and achieving full decarbonization of our society.

Renewable Properties

Renewable Properties specializes in developing and investing in small-scale utility and commercial solar energy projects throughout the United States. This renewable energy startup has a team of experienced renewable energy professionals and they work closely with communities, landowners, developers, utilities, and financial institutions looking to invest in large solar energy systems.

The Renewable Properties team develops large solar projects for landowners looking to lease land, financial institutions making sustainable investments, utilities interested in purchasing wholesale solar energy, and solar developers seeking project partners.

What do all renewable energy startups have in common?

All successful renewable energy startups have several things in common and the first one is they provide solutions to problems that people want to solve. This is true for startups in any industry, but it’s especially true for renewable energy.

Thus, if you’re starting a renewable energy business, it’s important to understand what motivates your customers. If you have a solution that solves a customer’s problem, they’ll be willing to pay for it and they’ll tell other people about it.

A strong core team is another thing that the best renewable energy startups have. They are led by people who know their stuff, have years of experience in the industry and have worked for major companies. These founders understand what it takes for a startup to succeed, and they know how to work with investors and customers.

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