10 characteristics of a businesswoman that make her a superhero

June 02, 2021

Superpowers of businesswomen

Being a woman is hard, being a woman entrepreneur is even harder. So it leaves us with a big question – what are the crucial characteristics of a businesswoman? 

Even though there are many successful female entrepreneurs today, we are a long way from professional gender equality in every industry. Us being us, and us being all for gender equality – decided to make a list of characteristics of a businesswoman. Why? To inspire women (regardless of their gender) to reach for the stars, whether the stars are a higher-ranking position or starting a business on your own. How? Best believe this list will convince you that all women possess the necessary skills of a business woman. You don’t trust us? Keep reading.

 1.Emotional Intelligence

 2. Adaptability

 3. Multitasking

 4. Perseverance

 5. Intuition

 6. Collaborativeness

 7. Eagerness for self-improvement

 8. Having mission and purpose

 9. Seeing the big picture

 10. Never satisfied with status-quo

Differences in the characteristics of a businesswoman and a businessman

Let’s get one thing clear – everyone can be successful in business no matter their gender. Having said that, it is scientifically proven that women have certain genetic predispositions that can be used as strengths in business.

We wanted to explore and get to know the strengths of a business woman in detail. With that in mind, we asked both female and male business experts to share their opinions on what makes women more unique business leaders than men.

Emotional intelligence

The one characteristic that I believe is the greatest distinction between the two genders is emotional intelligence. Empathy, awareness, adaptability, and inspiration are all areas of emotional intelligence (also known as ‘soft skills’) that women in leadership excel in compared to their male counterparts. 

These types of skills of a business woman can foster relationships, coaching, and general rapport in the workplace community and lead to better employee retention. Also having well-developed conflict resolution and teamwork skills tend to fall under this umbrella of emotional intelligence as well. Generally, women continue to hone and develop these skills with age so they just naturally grow into more effective leaders.

Tara Dupuis, Founder and Owner of Tara Dupuis LLC


I believe women bring the right level of teamwork, adaptability and collaboration. Those are the fundamental characteristics of a businesswoman. Women display the same gender-based attributes as males, and vice versa and many attributes are reflections of perceptions and biases in our society. 

However, this Covid environment birthed a sudden need of managing remote teams and with that, other things like having virtual team-building activities. This is a perfect example of a situation when what women bring to the table, like good communication based on strong relationships and trust, really pays off. 

These softer skill sets that translate from friends and family to the office can be harnessing relationships to achieve solid business success. As an entrepreneur, I found I could often be authentic and build familiarity with my partners quickly which is one of the secrets to a good partnership.

Liz Kwo, Deputy Chief Clinical Officer at Anthem


One strength that female leaders have that men typically don’t is the ability to multi-task while remaining effective and efficient. There are opinions on both sides on whether multi-tasking is a good thing or bad. One camp feels that if you are multitasking then you are never giving anything your 100% undivided attention. I happen to think this is an excuse men give for not being very good at it. 

The other camp, and the one I happen to fall into, believes that multi-tasking brings out my best work. I am a female entrepreneur and work best under pressure. Multitasking brings on a unique level of pressure but also relieves it at the same time.

Jaclyn Strauss, CPA and Founder of My Macro Memoir


Female entrepreneurs are a force to be reckoned with in the world of business today. A skill they possess that is an advantage compared to their male counterparts is their perseverance. Women are mentally tough, which is an asset for an entrepreneur. Females have persevered throughout history despite limits placed on them by men in power. This trait serves a female entrepreneur well in her endeavors.

David DiLorenzo, President of Valentino Beauty Pure


One of the biggest strengths women have that men generally do not possess is intuition. Strong female leaders not only rely on facts and data to make decisions, but they can tap into their intuition to guide them as well. Often, intuition is what guides them through the ups and downs of business

Women are also excellent at reading their teams and understanding where there may be trouble spots. For example, they can sense when a member of their team is having trouble outside of work or someone is struggling on a project. By leveraging this skill they are able to build teams of loyal followers because their employees feel valued and understood

Intuition can be honed over time and developed, however, some women may ignore their intuition if imposter syndrome is at play. Women who seek to improve their intuition will need to overcome imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs first. Fortunately, intuition is something we’re all born with and no one can take away from us.

Karin Freeland, Founder of Karin Freeland Life Coaching


Women tend to be highly collaborative, so collaborativeness is one of the greatest characteristics of a businesswoman. In my experience, we see the competitive landscape as less of a zero-sum game and are open to exploring formal or informal partnerships. In other words, they are masters of all forms of networking. This leads to an edge in cultivating strategic alliances, both with vendors and even with competitors.

Whitney Hill, Co-Founder and CEO of Snap ADU

Eagerness for self-improvement

They are more conscious of looking for ways to improve themselves and finding things they can improve in their everyday business operation. Many will be more willing to learn from other women entrepreneurs before them and ensure they are doing everything they can to make sure they are as good as they can be in business.

Women in business may not be able to get by just by working hard and being talented – they need to be as impressive as they possibly can be by gaining as much business knowledge as possible. Self-growth is something I really focus on during my time in business and, especially, since I became a founder and that’s why I consider it to be one of the best characteristics of a businesswoman.

Lindsey Allard, CEO and Co-Founder of PlaybookUX

Having mission and purpose

What I really admire about women in business is that they often attach a mission to their business. They have a true purpose for their work and what they want to create and an even stronger ‘why’ behind it. Being mission-driven is a big leadership quality that so many successful high-achieving women possess.

Ali Brown, Founder and CEO of The Trust

Seeing the big picture

One of the characteristics of a businesswoman, that all women possess but men usually don’t, is being able to see the big picture. Women are often steps ahead of their competition, not only solving what’s in front of them but picturing hurdles that will have to be faced due to the original solution. We are always thinking ahead. We communicate effectively and efficiently, can lead others and give criticism with grace, and are the brainpower behind the most important decisions. That is why we are leaders.

Kelly Shoul, Owner of In Love and Adventure

Never satisfied with status-quo

Female leaders are both empowering and inclusive, and – in my experience – more so than their male counterparts. Also, while women have been historically viewed and stereotyped as emotional leaders by men, I believe they are just passionate explorers in pursuit of excellence. 

When women leaders are not satisfied with the status quo, they want to make things better. Whether they are looking for ways to increase their business growth or to increase online sales – they will certainly find one. These women leaders get things done and avoid procrastination by using their tenacity to feed their passion for success and equity.

Andrea Heuston, Co-founder and CEO of Artitudes Design


Isn’t it obvious by now? All the characteristics of a businesswoman prove that women can be superheroes too. And not just any superheroes, but superheroes in business. Therefore, if gender was your obstacle to success we just proved the opposite. And yes, it takes a lot of work, you have to dedicate yourself fully and more times than not you have to sacrifice something for achievement – but it is worth it if it is your dream. Now go and reach for the stars.


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