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The Future: From Business Networking Events to Remote Business Networking

March 27, 2020

We are currently facing an unprecedented situation, how to continue with our business networking events remotely. For years businesses have been relying on face to face networking and events to expand their network and find new business opportunities. Amid the pandemic crisis we are living in, business networking is being challenged and we entrepreneurs need to find ways to make remote B2B networking work!

Pandemic crisis calls for: Business Adaptability

In order for a business to survive this uncertain time, it is crucial to adapt to the new ways of making connections. The new way is remote networking, via B2B platform and remote business networking events.

Remote networking events

As we see that the future of networking is becoming increasingly interconnected with remote networking channels so you need to make yourself informed of what remote business networking events are there. These events take place online via conference calls, webinars, and even forums.

Additionally, you can organize your own remote conference using Zoom and invite some of your contacts to join asking them to also invite another person. This way you can stay in touch with your network of people, nurturing your relationship, but also meet new people through the network that you already have.

Remote B2B platform

An extremely valuable way of connecting with new entrepreneurs and finding new companies you can do business with is the Enterprise League B2B platform .Your presence on the EL B2B platform will feel as if you are 24/7 present on a virtual business trade show or remote business exhibition. By having your company present you will be able to actively promote your business remotely. The EL B2B platform enables you to find new business opportunities remotely, get new business deals whilst promoting your products and services to a whole world of other businesses. Amid this pandemic, it is quickly becoming clear that this is the future of business networking.

It is time for SMEs to start using the remote business networking tools

What small and medium businesses need to do now, in the midst of this pandemic crisis, is to be flexible and quickly adapt. Adapting means taking advantage of any opportunity you get to put your business in front of the eyes of potential customers and business partners. 

It is crucial to be agile and turn this situation upside, look at it as an opportunity to build up your company, expand and polish your business activities. The sooner you shake the shock effects of the crisis the sooner you will be able to act and start growing your business remotely. There is a famous quote that says “ A year from now you may wish you had started today.” 

One thing is clear in order for your business to keep thriving and survive the pandemic crisis you must adapt and adopt the methods of finding remote business deals, connections and opportunities.

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