Halo Coffee – The greenest coffee pods in the world

May 13, 2020

Halo, the greenest coffee pods

It’s always remarkable when a business is born out of selflessness and love for the environment. One such business is Halo Coffee – a company that makes Nespresso compatible compostable coffee pods. 

We feel immense pride that they are Enterprise League members so to tell you their story we did a little interview with Sarah Lim, their Founder.

Enjoy reading it!

How was Halo Coffee born?

In 2018, 60 billion coffee capsules were created and almost all of these pods were created out of plastic or aluminium. As these pods can’t be recycled properly, it means we have a major environmental problem on our hands. That is to say, we have a duty to our planet to reduce the amount of plastic waste we create, and that’s what we’re trying to do at Halo. The environmental problem we’re faced with gave us the idea to create a compostable coffee pod that contains the world’s best coffee, in a way that’s good for the world.

How would you describe Halo to a 3-year-old?

Coffee pods that are kind to the planet and don’t hurt the animals who live on it.

Why is Halo different from the other companies like Halo?

Our coffee pods can be disposed of at home through domestic composting. The pods are created out of waste sugarcane fibre which means they will break down anywhere; whether that’s in a home compost heap, plant pot, or even a lawn. Most other compostable pods are made out of a bio-based plastic, but these are not of a quality suitable for home compost and are often picked out with other plastics during the recycling process. This means they often end up incinerated, unlocking tonnes of harmful gases. 

Our pods have been independently tested by the University of Northampton and have been proved to degrade with 28 days in domestic compost.

Halo is given $1 million, how would you spend/invest them?

World domination! 

It seems that lots of people don’t realise that they have the choice to switch coffee pods to compostable. So, If we had heavy investment, it would be important to drive home brand awareness, educating people about what happens to their coffee pods and how they can make a simple switch to a sustainable way to drink coffee.

Where is Halo headed now? What’s the next big thing you’re striving to achieve?

We’re starting to shift our focus to increasing B2B subscriptions. We’ve recently launched a campaign aiming to partner with businesses such as hotels and sustainable offices to encourage them to make a sustainable switch. We believe it’s in the interest of anyone with a green agenda to use compostable pods so the aim is to get Halo coffee pods into every hotel room in the UK.

With today’s experience, what advice would you give to yourself on your first day as a business owner?

I would tell myself to be prepared for all eventualities. I couldn’t have predicted Coronavirus and it required serious tenacity to navigate the business adjustment. Small businesses are the backbone of the UK’s industry, so a nation-wide lockdown is totally unprecedented and unnerving for an SME. Stick with it, there is an opportunity in adversity.

How would your employees describe you?

I would hope they would describe me as perhaps kind and thoughtful. In terms of my leadership style, probably collaborative. I try to run a flat organisation where everyone’s opinions are valued so I hope they would describe me as considerate too.

Name 3 ladies who inspire you to be a better leader and tell us how and why?

  1. Elizabeth Warren – She noticed what was happening leading up to the recession in 2008 and yet no one listened to her. She’s an incredible leader and I admire her wisdom.
  2. Sanna Marin – As the President of Finland, she’s the youngest member of state in the world. She proves that you can be young, female, and serious.
  3. Melinda Gates – Melinda inspires me through her endless philanthropy. She’s put out so much good in the world and that’s truly inspiring.

You’re the only woman entrepreneur in a room full of men talking business – how does that unfold?

As a young, Asian woman, people tend to discount me as someone to take notice of. Perhaps it’s because I’m young and seen as junior, or perhaps it’s because I’m Asian, and therefore perceived as meek. Until I get the opportunity to talk, being in a room full of men means I’m often overlooked. But what you see is not what you get, and the second I start to talk there’s a glisten of surprise across most faces. 

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