Customer focused strategy: What it is and its importance

February 14, 2024

Importance of having customer focused strategy

Oftentimes entrepreneurs fail to realise that customer focus is a strategic choice, not a random one, and brings more results than an ROI-focused strategy. Why? It’s simple: Satisfied customers are returning customers and bigger spenders, thus, the ROI increases.

Hence, creating a customer focused culture that puts the needs of the customer first is of crucial importance for companies that strive to grow.

In the past, we talked about how to attract new customers and how to retain old ones. However, none of this will work without a solid customer focus strategy.

What is customer focused strategy and why is it important?

First of all, let’s define what customer focus is:

Paying great attention to the needs and opinions of customers – Cambridge Dictionary

Your product or service should be designed to solve a certain problem. If you listen carefully to your customers you’ll gain a better understanding of their issue and you’ll be able to design you offer to respond exactly to their needs. 

Since you’ve now offered them an adequate solution, they are willing to open the wallet and spend the money. Then, as a result of their satisfaction, they’ll most likely tell their friends about how this amazing thing finally helped them get rid of the problem. Et voila, new customers knocking at your door!

Later on, when and if a similar issue arises, they’ll come back to you for more. So now you not only have new customers but a bunch of loyal ones too. All thanks to the customer focused strategy you implemented.

So who benefits from a customer focused strategy?

Everyone! Your company, the customers, the community, the economy. 

Developing sound customer focused strategy

Customer focus strategies are pointless if only left on paper. Every man on your team, from the janitor to the CEO should adopt the customer focus mindset and put it to practice. Preaching customer focus and then frowning upon a customer complaint is complete nonsense.

Meeting the needs of your customers

Data is at the core of every successful customer focused business strategy. Luckily, we enjoy the perks of high tech that marketers in the past could only dream of. Now it’s easier than ever to collect the data and later analyse it.

Namely, your website and social media channels should not only serve to inform and engage your clientele but also to collect feedback and data about their behaviour.

If you’re a brick and mortar business, even better, nothing beats in-person communication.

Be approachable and accessible

Make it easy for the customer to reach out to you. Nobody likes wasting their time to find contact information. You’re not the CIA. As mentioned before, every person working in your company should be available and open to customer feedback.

Moreover, Facebook groups are quite popular right now. Create a group where your customers can ask questions, write feedback, share experiences, learn news etc. They’ll feel appreciated and heard, and you’ll get all the information you need to improve.

Be human

Automation is fine to a point when it’s starting to strip you off of humanity. Customers love to be served ASAP but they also love to talk to humans and feel appreciated. Saying a quick Happy Birthday or sending a Christmas card can take you a long way. Small gestures make big differences.


Treat your customers as part of your company. Every feedback of theirs is a change for improvement and growth. Understanding your customers is the foundation of a successful business. That’s why you always need to keep your customer focus sharp.

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