Statistics you should know about packaging design (2024)

December 08, 2023

Importance of packaging for branding
Getting your packaging right can be the difference between a winning product and a dud.

Even if you have the best product in the world, unless a lot of thought has been put into the packaging design to cater to your customer base, you could find your product does not sell as much as you expect. The importance of packagingcannot be overstated – it is a key factor that impacts sales and perception of your product.

By taking a look at the following important statistics about packaging design, you can ensure you get your packaging right.

The material of your packaging matters

According to an Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of the Paper and Packaging Board, which is overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the material you use for your packaging matters. 

The material is a key part of packaging design, so it is important that you choose the right material for your products

Key findings of the survey include:


  • 67% of those surveyed said the materials used to package a product often influence the decision to purchase.
  • 67% also said paper and cardboard packaging is more attractive than other materials used for packaging.
  • 63% said paper and cardboard packaging makes a product appear to be a high-quality premium product.
  • 81% agreed that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions when buying gifts.

Premium packaging design matters

According to a survey by Dotcom Distribution, 61% of people surveyed said they are more likely to buy a luxury product more than once if it comes in premium-looking packaging. 

So, if you are selling high-end, luxury products like jewellery or perfume, ensuring your packaging design looks luxurious can help you attain more sales. 

On the other hand, if you package a premium product in the same packaging used for low-end products, it can drastically put off consumers.

    Unique packaging can help to get your brand known

    Packaging has become more important since the advent of social media because plenty of people now post photos or videos of them unwrapping newly arrived products, and those posts get a lot of views. 

    In turn, that means the companies who sell the products get free exposure and are more likely to see a spike in sales. 

    According to the Dotcom Distribution survey, 40% of consumers share images of their packaging on social media when the packaging design is unique or branded. 

    So, by adding branding to your packaging or coming up with a unique and interesting design that will get people talking, you can enhance your brand reputation, get word-of-mouth exposure, and sell more products.

      Transparency on labels matters

      According to Catalpa, 74% of consumers report transparency and honesty in product labelling help them to gain trust in a brand. 

      Being transparent about the information on your packaging labels is of the utmost importance in this era. If you want to build your brand, you have to build customer trust. Paying attention to your labelling is one sure-fire way of doing that. 

      A product that is honestly and clearly messaged also helps consumers to determine which products they should buy based upon their specific personal needs and desires.

        Think twice before you change your packaging designs

        This last statistic is perhaps the most important. According to Westrock, 52% of consumers have changed the product brands they buy due to new packaging designs. 

        So, if you do not think it is worth investing in an overhaul of your packaging design, think again. 

        However, it is important that you research how customers feel about your existing packaging and how they respond to any new packaging design considerations before you launch your new packaging design. 

        In addition to thinking about the material you use, whether your product is premium or not, how unique you can make your packaging, and how open and transparent your labelling is, you need to consider every aspect of your packaging to get it right, build more customer trust, and shift more products. 

        That means you need to look at the visuals, colours, graphics, logos, fonts, information, and every bit of the design process to ensure you come up with an effective packaging design that your customers will love and shout about. 

        Therefore, it can be helpful to learn graphic design basics before you proceed. You also need to consider the type of packaging you will use. For instance, you could use boxes, round containers, or pouches. 

        Thankfully, it is easy to come up with customised designs for packaging pouches to ensure you create unique and memorable designs that are sure to get noticed by your customers.


          Now you have an idea of what consumers want from packaging and how they respond to different packaging designs, you can take the first steps in creating customised packaging designs that will help you compete in the marketplace and sell more products. 

          Though, you will also need to get the pricing right for your products.

          Explore different packaging options, take your customers’ wants, needs, and expectations into account, and make sure your packaging design matches your branding well. You could then soon see your products flying off the shelf.

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