3 reasons to hire Millennials and how to attract them

July 06, 2020

Best reasons why you should hire millennials

Nikki St. Martin is VP of Marketing for The Jacobson Group, elaborates why you should hire Millennials and how to make them fall in love with their job.

With their natural aptitude for technology, social media and creativity, millennials are some of the most ambitious employees in the workforce. They are self-starters, entrepreneurial in spirit and hungry for success — traits that make them ideal candidates for small businesses.

To attract millennial employees, business owners should think beyond the obvious perks to more original and resourceful benefits. Read on to learn why you should hire young professionals and how to appeal to them.

Why hire Millennials?

Well, why hire Millennials when you’ve hear so many bad things about them? Actually, most of these stories were probably exaggeration or were a result of major generational differences in the workplace. Trust us, there are worse hiring mistakes you could do then hiring younger talent.

And even if you really want to avoid Millennials, soon you’ll be left with no talent pool because the Baby Boomers are all retired, and the Generation X will soon be too. 

They are digitally savvy

As the first generation to be brought up with the Internet and other high-tech advancements, members of Gen Y are digital natives. They’re in tune with each social media platform and many can edit a webpage with ease. Millennials could magnify your online presence and act as brand advocates for your company.

Moreover, their innate understanding of technology gives them an advantage over those who may not be as familiar with various computer programs and social media channels. These young professionals can ensure that your business maximizes the latest tech to increase productivity, marketability and efficiency.

They bring a fresh perspective

Millennials grew up in a world of instant information and rapid change. They often seek new solutions to old problems and can introduce fresh ideas into the workplace. If you hire a young professional, you’ll take on someone who knows how to adjust to various situations. Welcoming this generation can give your company an invigorating perspective, fostering growth mindset and innovation.

They are highly educated

As perhaps the best-educated generation to enter the workforce, millennials can bring far more to your business than a penchant for social media. Many young professionals have university degrees and advanced training, which makes them some of the most qualified individuals in the market. This level of skill can be put to good use for your company, as millennials have proven they’re willing to learn.

How to attract Millennials to work in your company?

As more millennials enter the job market, it’s important for businesses to engage with this age group and extend competitive advantages. Here are some suggested benefits that will make young professionals consider your next job offer.

Pay off their student loan 

With the average graduate joining the workforce with more than $40,000 in student loan debt, it’s no surprise that repayment assistance is a hot benefit. Paying off an undergraduate degree is an immediate concern for many young professionals. Adopting this innovative employee perk is highly coveted and will likely set you apart from competitors.

Providing in-office wellness

Gen Yers have a deeper appreciation of their mental health and well-being than their predecessors. They want to keep themselves emotionally, psychologically and physically fit. This means a small business that offers holistic wellness initiatives such as yoga, free gym memberships, stress management and dietary consultations may be more appealing. Offering free or discounted healthy snacks throughout the day is another hit with the younger crowd.

Offering them flexible work hours

More than previous generations, millennials want to establish a healthy work-life balance. In fact, many see no reason to be in the office five days a week if they can be just as productive from home. For this reason, young professionals are fans of remote work options that allow them to juggle personal and work schedules more efficiently.

Implementing this benefit could increase retention among millennial team members. It also conveys confidence and trust that young employees value.

Give them learning and career development opportunities

Most millennials are in the early stages of their careers. They want to learn and grow as much as possible, which is why training and development is a top priority when seeking a new job.

By implementing career development initiatives, you could attract the most ambitious professionals. A good example is offering international relocation, which gives Millennials an opportunity to enhance their skills, build their career and find unique and meaningful experiences in another country. Promoting a culture of learning also instils a sense of purpose for the younger generation, which may help motivate them and push your company forward.

Offering unique perks could help you appeal to the beliefs and attitudes of this talented group of workers. For more creative benefits guaranteed to attract millennials, see the accompanying infographic.

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