13 best online networking events (free and paid) to attend in 2022

October 25, 2021

Online networking events to attend

Welcome to the days where online networking events became a normal thing! Networking has proved its role in successfully running a business in the past, but since we are amidst a worldwide pandemic, virtual networking events are our best option.

You have to become noticeable and the best way to do that is by connecting with other professionals. Whether you want to trade information, build relationships, or exchange opinions, virtual networking events are a great opportunity for your business to blossom.

Luckily, the number of online networking events has grown exponentially since the start of the pandemic, almost at the same pace as the notorious virus. Yet somehow, it’s hard to find a virtual networking event for business owners and professionals that’s not a complete waste of time.

Online networking events you need to attend to create big business opportunities

To save you some valuable time doing research, we’ve done it for you and we created a list of the best online networking events. Moreover, because networking is only effective if done regularly, we put the focus on weekly or monthly online networking events.

Evolution Virtual Networking

Evolution Virtual Networking is one of the finest online networking events for entrepreneurs. These virtual networking events are ideal for entrepreneurs who want to promote their message and acquire new skills from other like-minded company owners. Guest speakers are often invited to speak on particular subjects and offer deeper insights. 

When: Every other Thursday at 9 am CET

Who is it for: Owners of small businesses from all walks of life.

Cost: Free


IWant2Network is one of the most known online entrepreneur networking events for company entrepreneurs. This corporate networking event has no membership requirements or a one-profession restriction since it’s all about making contacts. In other words, IWant2Network is one of those networking virtual events that are intended to assist and grow your company and career while maintaining a professional and enjoyable atmosphere.

When: Several dates per month.

Who is it for: UK based businesses

Cost: Starts at £20

WoW members monthly meeting

WoW members’ monthly meeting is one of the finest online networking events for company entrepreneurs. This is a regular Women of Wearables business networking event. A casual online meeting where you may share your experiences, get assistance, or meet and connect with other people who share your interests.

When: Every first Wednesday of the month.

Who is it for: Unlike other similar networking virtual events, WoW is not just for professional women, but for anyone with an interest in wearable technology and providing women with a platform for growth.

Cost: Free

The Rebellious Business Network

The Rebellious Business Network will provide you with noteworthy training sessions, the latest strategies, tips, and tricks to help your business thrive.

The best part is that every week, there are industry-leading guest experts and Keynote Speakers that share some serious value and practical advice around the subject of getting your business seen and heard online.

When: Every Wednesday at 10:30 am BST.

Who is it for: Small business owners. 

Cost: Free

Every.Black Entrepreneur International Masterminds

Every.Black Entrepreneur International Masterminds is one of the top online entrepreneur networking events for small company entrepreneurs. These virtual networking events are well-known for the exciting speakers and cutting-edge technical insights they feature. They discuss books, their perspectives, and their insights on entrepreneurship.

When: Every Monday at 8:00 a.m. EST.

Who is it for: Ambitious entrepreneurs from around the world.

Cost: Free


Speaking of networking virtual events, ONLE is another brilliant opportunity for business owners. Just like regular business networking, the meeting is just the starting point for building relationships. They hold a group chat where you can quietly listen in and learn or you can jump in and share your views.

Each meeting, you’ll also be given the opportunity to have an improvised one-to-one chat with someone from the group. Therefore, if you’re looking to strengthen your professional network, ONLE is a sound choice.

When: Multiple dates per month.

Who is it for: Business owners from all industries.

Cost: Paid membership £39 per month

Female Business Collective

Female Business Collective is one of the top virtual entrepreneur networking events for female entrepreneurs. Ladies will have the opportunity to network with other women from a variety of industries at these virtual networking events. This virtual networking event will allow you to introduce your business to guests and discuss any support you may require at the moment. 

When: Every Thursday at 9:30 BST

Who is it for: Women entrepreneurs and business owners from a variety of industries.

Cost: £6

The Three Martini Lunch National Virtual Networking Event

The Three Martini Lunch National Virtual Networking Event is a virtual networking event for meeting new people, establishing connections, and networking digitally with highly engaged professionals, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers. It is one of the greatest events for entrepreneurs to attend if you want a more laid-back vibe. 

When: Every Tuesday at 2 pm. EST.

Who is it for: Entrepreneurs from everywhere who want to stay socially distanced but virtually engaged.

Cost: Free

Network After Work Virtual Networking

Network After Work Virtual Networking is a virtual networking event that brings together busy, socially active individuals who appreciate the value of networking and expanding their network. Hosted by A Network After Work moderator, it’s the ideal virtual networking group to network, create ideas, solicits feedback, and meet others who share your aims. 

When: The dates vary according to the location.

Who is it for: Entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders interested in establishing and maintaining significant connections.

Cost: $0 – $99

MPWR Networking

This online networking club is for all those businesswomen who have been ruling their businesses fiercely. It is for all those women who have just started a side or full-time business and even for the ones with business going strong for a long time.

If you are someone who is having a minor crisis and feeling like your mind has gone numb about what to do next, there are people in MPWR Networking to help you out. Grow your network to people across the globe and find the ones who can help you.

When: Two times a month

Who is it for: Businesswomen who want to connect, grow and thrive.

Cost: Starts at £6.98

Unpretentious Networking

No-nonsense, fun, and professional online business networking. Taking just 1 hour out of your day each week offers fantastic opportunities to market your business, make great connections and look to help one another through collaborations and referrals. Unpretentious Networking is one of the most inspiring online networking events with a group full of inspiring, helpful business owners.

When: Every Wednesday at 10 am BST.

Who is it for: Businesses from all industries.

Cost: Free


Virtual 5 O’Clock (V5O) was created during the COVID-19 pandemic by entrepreneurs, business owners, and thought leaders to recreate the sense of community lost during the pandemic. Their members, ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 executives, are at the forefront of the constantly changing business landscape and share a passion for discovering and shaping what’s “next.” V5O provides a tailored, guided approach to collaborating that ensures members make meaningful connections that lead to actionable business opportunities, long-lasting relationships, and tangible results. Unlike traditional networking communities, V5O takes a personalized approach to help members connect in a natural, fun, and productive way. 

When: Thursday Night Happy Hours at 5:00 pm EST

Who is it for: Business professionals who share a common desire to connect with others, share ideas, and discover opportunities for collaboration and mutual advancement.

Cost: $19.99, Free for members. Membership cost $99 per month but includes more events and opportunities.


With online networking events becoming a new norm, it’s easier than ever to find professionals who share the same vision, since you have a chance to connect with entrepreneurs anywhere in the world. Choose which entrepreneur networking events are most suitable for you and enjoy creating your next big business opportunity.

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