A Super Ambitious Startup

At Enterprise League, we are passionate about helping people improve the way they do business. We are on a mission to help millions of entrepreneurs expand their business horizon and increase their company’s success. If you’re excited about projects that could change the world, we’d love for you to join us.


The Role

The Enterprise League Product Designer is responsible for the human experience of using our software. You will work together with the co founders, the development and the marketing team to realize a shared product vision, and regularly give feedback and critique to each other.

Designing at Enterprise League is a varied experience. On a given day, you might be: designing a micro-interaction to make a complex task feel simple; building prototypes for new features; making interviews with our users and prospect users; or collaborating with the development team to explaing the requirements.


Core Responsibilities

  • Interaction and visual designAs a product designer, you’ll be involved at every stage of design work. You’ll help define early product concepts, flesh out the high-level workflow and micro-interactions of a feature, and execute on a crisp and effective visual design. You should have experience with some of the following mockup and prototyping tools: Sketch, Framer, Principle, Figma, Invision. 
  • User research. We frequently do informal user research, and value people who can be flexible with research processes and methodologies to achieve the right outcome. You will need to schedule online interviews with users and learn about their problems and needs. You’ll pair qualitative methods (e.g. scripted usability tests and contextual inquiry) with quantitative information, like product and usage metrics. 
  • Prototyping. You will prototype—using software like Principle and Framer, or another favorite method—both to communicate your designs and validate your decisions. 
  • Partnering with engineers. You will work closely with the software engineers to realize our design ideas. You’ll treat engineers as partners and collaborate with them to prototype and build out products. 
  • Awareness of how software interfaces are built. Familiarity with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Typescript will be considered an advantage. You don’t need to be an expert—just understand the basics to be able to collaborate with engineers, and know what’s possible with frontend technologies. Resources and mentorship are available to designers who want to learn more.
What We Value
  • An iterative design process. You validate your ideas early (with stakeholders and users) and are thoughtful and intentional in seeking and responding to feedback. You move fast, listen, and adapt. You rapidly incorporate feedback, and prioritize collaboration. You are adept at giving and receiving critiques. 
  • Collaboration and communication. You can build great relationships with engineers, PMs, and other stakeholders—and convey your design rationale to them. To reach these audiences, you’ll communicate your designs through a variety of methods: presenting your mockups, making prototypes, sharing a design spec. 
  • Thoughtful work. You know that form informs function and usability—that the surface layer doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your design decisions are often informed by—and will influence—engineering and business considerations. 
  • Dedication to the user. You’ll design software that helps small businesses around the world make business, and thus helping our economy recover. You should strive to understand our users—who can range from a 50 year family business to a fast growing startup —and fight to empower them.
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