Science Confirms: Intelligent People Tend to Be Messier, Go to Bed Late and Curse a Lot

March 11, 2019

Traits of messy people

What makes a genius, a genius? Everyone has an ideal image of what a genius would look like. That picture usually shows a focused person, a person whose creativity is beyond the average, has a photographic memory, is an eloquent communicator, never swears, a neat person and much more. It’s safe to say that these are stereotypes more or less.

But are geniuses messy? Surprisingly (or not), research shows that they are. Moreover, they stay up late and speak fluent Curse language.

Messy people are smarter

When you were a child your parents constantly nagged you to clean your room. Sometimes, when they threatened to ground you, you did clean it. However, almost all of the time you left it messy.

Well, scientists discovered that this was a sign that you probably have a higher IQ than the average Joe. I am not kidding. This claim is backed by the findings of scientists from the University of Minnesota. It turns out, to your mother’s disappointment, that a messy desk is a sign of a brilliant mind

So if your desk or office is always messy, the next time your colleagues or employees ask you how you find your way around, just tell them that messy people are smarter. 

Even if things seem scattered everywhere, you know where everything is located and find it in a jiffy. It’s just that messiness and intelligence go hand in hand. It looks like you subconsciously leave things unorganised, because, in a way, it sparks your creativity. Consequently, we all know how creativity is a common trait of genius people.

Albert Einstein quote

The study conducted by the University of Minnesota goes on to state that a genius leaves their desk messy because they invest the time needed to clean and organise on the more important stuff. For example, instead of spending an hour cleaning up the mess, they spend it on the market research that will later prove crucial for their business.

People with higher IQ go to bed late

You may have heard that successful entrepreneurs and people, in general, go to bed early and wake up at 5 am, but that’s just fairytales for grownups. And there’s a study to debunk that.

As the sky goes dark, and all your obligations are done for the day, you lay on your bed, your body starts to ease up and your mind follows. Actually, that’s the moment when the most groundbreaking ideas come to you. This is because during the working hours your mind is too busy processing miscellaneous information. The last revenue report; an employee’s resignation letter; next quarter predictions – all of this weighs heavy on your brain…

If you’re a night owl, you’re in good company – Barack Obama, Elvis Presley, Winston Churchill and Charles Darwin were all night thinkers. And look where they got.

The more you curse, the smarter you are

Society and bon ton disapprove of cursing and using profanities. People who curse a lot are often thought to be on the lower scale of IQ. However, that is not the case.

Smart people are not only messy but they also curse a lot

There are two points regarding the usage of curse words with intelligence. The first one states if you don’t know any curse words you are limiting your vocabulary. (There is also a study that shows people with higher IQ know more words than people with a lower IQ.) The second point is that when intelligent people use curse words, they let out negative energy and this helps them to get their focus back.

A supplier didn’t deliver on time? Don’t pretend you got your cool. Go one, spit out every juicy curse word you know. Vent out. Then go to Enterprise League and find a new supplier for God’s sake.

And remember, the next time someone calls you uneducated, stupid, messy or whatever – just show them this article and smile.

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