8 best countries to start a business in 2022

November 19, 2021

Best countries to start a business

The COVID-19 crisis has been extremely challenging for businesses worldwide. However, it also presented plenty of opportunities that savvy entrepreneurs hurry to make use of.

Startups are getting a chance to truly shine today, especially as the world is growing progressively more globalized. So knowing the best countries to start a business can be a massive factor for success.

Without a doubt, one of the most important things any investor or a future business owner needs to consider now is that you have the freedom to build that startup anywhere. Modern software makes it easy to run a global team from anywhere, fostering global business relations. In some cases, this opens up the option to look away from the country where we are currently residing and search for the best country to start a business as a foreigner.

Best countries to start a business in 2022

For that purpose, we’ve selected the best countries to start a business in 2022 based on the stability of the economy, quality of the skilled and educated workforce, market size, opportunities to find investors, and more. So, read it carefully and see which one looks most suitable for your business idea and goals.


Let’s start with the fact that Japan is the second-largest computer and telecommunications market in the world and the world’s third-largest economy after the US and China. Japan’s free-market economy also takes second place in the world’s GDP ranking and fourth-largest in purchasing power parity (PPP). 

Besides the fact that Japan comes in third in automobile manufacturing, it also has the most significant electronic goods industry in the world, which means you can leverage their diverse opportunities and succeed in many industries.

Another of the many reasons why Japan is one of the best countries to start a business in 2022 is the fact that their import processing is well organized and efficient. It also has a bubbling free-market economy built on a successful foundation of innovation and a willing customer base. 

Japan offers a wide range of opportunities in finance, automotive, high-tech and precision goods, pharmaceuticals, computing, hybrid vehicles, and robotics, so when choosing your niche, pay attention to the nature of the business you want to venture into and be sure that you are making the right decision.


The eCommerce and IT sectors began to play a large role in Germany in recent years. Even though the German economic growth rate is stagnating, there are virtually no volatile political issues in Germany affecting businesses. 

Moreover, three of the biggest German cities can give you different possibilities depending on the industry you are focused on. More specifically, Frankfurt attracts a large number of finance entrepreneurs, Berlin is a great opportunity for innovative software businesses, marketers, and web designers, and Munich’s high-tech economy has embraced artificial intelligence and innovative manufacturing techniques.

Another reason why Germany is one of the best countries to start a business in 2022 is a large consumer market. By making up 18.6 percent of the EU’s total population, Germany is the largest consumer market in Europe, in terms of purchasing power and the number of people.

They are also increasingly embracing e-commerce, creating a major opportunity for e-commerce companies that want to expand their reach. But, if you want to attract German eCommerce shoppers, you need to keep in mind that most German prefer German-specific websites over international websites.

United States

You’ve probably already heard that the USA is the land of opportunity in the world, but let’s speak about facts apart from these ideals that appear in American literature. One of the advantages of starting a business in the United States is that you will be credited for economic progress, driving innovation and job creation. 

And if you think all this is only because of Silicon Valley, you are wrong. Although it’s true that Silicon Valley dominated the US ecosystem, there are other towns like Miami, Austin, Los Angeles, and San Francisco that now have their own startup ecosystems.

Furthermore, if you need an investment to start your business, then keep in mind that to find business partners and investors, the American market is the most attractive. 


While not completely tax-free, Switzerland is a veritable tax haven for business owners and investors. This alone is reason enough to start a business in this country. Its strategic location in the heart of Europe and a highly developed economy clinch the deal.

However, Switzerland has more to offer to the ambitious entrepreneurs of today. The country is politically and economically stable. It has proven as much by getting through many global crises almost unscathed.

Moreover, it has very lenient policies for opening a business. It also boasts well-developed industrial facilities and one of the best workforces on the planet.

Overall, there is nothing that one might need to build a successful business that you won’t find in Switzerland. Of course, this is a prime location for projects with a wealth of funding. However, it’s also a good place for attracting investors. Technological startups, in particular, are very welcome in this country.

Best countries to start a business as a foreigner

In many cases, starting a business abroad can be more lucrative due to different tax policies. Modern software makes it easy to run a global team from anywhere. Therefore, you only need to pick the best country to start a business as a foreigner.

That’s right, where you come from doesn’t have to be your excuse and you don’t need to settle for less. All you have to do is keep reading, find out which are the best countries to start a business as a foreigner and choose the one that’s most suitable for your goals.


Canada has some exceptional advantages for foreign entrepreneurs which makes it one of the best countries to open a business as a foreigner. Expanding business in Canada means it will be easier for you to have business relations with the US.

Doing a business in Canada means you can take advantage of natural resources like gas, oil, and timber, easily find skilled workers, and have easy access to the US market. Because of that Canada has been a great choice for foreign businessmen for a couple of years now. 

Canada also maintains one of the lowest tax rates and has a reasonably stable economy. Besides, it’s a great place to live since it offers a clean environment, modern cities, and desirable quality of life.

So, If you are open to new opportunities and expanding to international markets, work permits are the first step to start a business as a foreigner in Canada.


Over the last two decades, Singapore has earned the reputation of being the fastest-growing business hub and best country to start a business. But unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis put all this progress at great risk as the country was hit hard.

Singapore’s economy largely relies on international trade. Therefore, it has all stopped and dropped by many points in the last year alone. The current uncertainty in global supply chains is still affecting it deeply.

However, according to experts, the lull in the growth of Singapore’s economy is short-lived. It is already back on track to recovery and further growth. Therefore, this country remains one of the best countries to start a business today.

It must be noted that one of the reasons for Singapore’s success in recovery was its fast adoption of a digitized economy. The country is essentially built on digital innovation, therefore, this type of business would strive here.

Another good opportunity is the manufacturing business. The pandemic has changed the world in many ways. One of them was the growth in distrust in global supply chains. In light of this, many corporations now consider bringing part manufacturing “closer to home”.

Singapore’s location makes it a very good choice for top-grade digital manufacturing to service a big part of Asia. Political stability and a generally high level of wealth also contribute to the resilience of Singapore in the current crisis.

The absence of capital gains and dividend taxes is another big benefit of starting a business in Singapore. Being a digitalized state, it’s also no wonder that you can easily open a business using online services.

South Korea

South Korea is one of those countries with a thriving economy and has a very talented and sophisticated workforce you can hire. South Korea is considered one of the best countries to start a business in 2022 since it is making an ever-increasing contribution to the global economy. 

The most thriving industries in South Korea are technology, automobile sectors, and steel, and even though speaking of Asian business powerhouses, thoughts invariably turn to China and Japan, you shouldn’t forget about South Korea as well. Moreover, the experts say there has never been a better opportunity to invest in the infrastructure of this country.

With great skills and education, and their mentality and dedication to work, you’ll rarely need to worry about the work performance of your employees. They consider attendance very important and they will often expect to work long hours.

However, employees in South Korea are always well protected so make sure you find professionals to make your recruitment policy righ.

South Korea is also one of the best countries to start a business as a foreigner. That kind of business have three primary options:

  • Opening a branch of an existing parent company
  • Setting up a new subsidiary company 
  • Opening a liaison office for exploratory purposes and not active trading

The cheapest and most popular option is a limited liability company, also known as a Yuhan Hoesa.


The UAE is another business hub that impresses with the rate of its growth over the last few years. It’s a place with a very favorable outlook on international investors and business owners. Therefore, it’s not a surprise so many of them are drawn here. If you are looking for the best country to start a business, you might be interested in a business setup in Dubai. This part of the country, in particular, is fertile ground for ambitious companies and investors. Even the COVID-19 crisis didn’t manage to destroy the tourism and rental industries in Dubai.

The hospitality industry is a good option for investment here. However, it’s hardly the only opportunity for businesses. Innovation is key for success in the UAE and the country is a great place to base any trade business in. The energy field here is also exceptionally welcoming to new ideas.

However, one of the main reasons why starting a business in the UAE is a good idea is not the growing economy. It’s the ease of opening a company and running it with very modest tax payments. The paperwork and general bureaucracy of opening and managing a business here are straightforward. This covers everything from actually starting a company to obtaining permits and registering property and assets.

Note that this country is also in good standing in regards to protecting minority investors. The location of the country, right in the middle of the East and West, is also beneficial. In particular, you don’t have to worry even with the recent changes in supply chains. The UAE will remain a strategic point for international trade logistics.


No matter what your business idea is, there is a great place to realize it today, and it’s probably in one of the best countries to start a business mentioned above. However, remember that some countries are definitely better than others for doing this.

As we live in the era of globalization, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only your current country of residence. Explore your options to find the best place for launching your business to the greatest success.

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