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September 09, 2019

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Have you noticed that certain items from the past, that went into oblivion over the years, are making a strong comeback? They are usually more planet-friendly and less health-risky compared to their modern versions we prefer to use today. Cloth diapers are definitely on the list of products that have been revamped and put back on the market to “overthrow” disposable diapers that are causing as much skin rash as damage to the environment.

Jessi Belt, the founder of The Changing Station, our respected member, has a lot to say on the matter. Her lovely daughter, who soon turns one, was the main inspiration behind her business. Everything about The Changing Station is built upon love, so it’s no surprise that she carefully selects the products sold at the travelling diaper store, as she likes to call it. Dwelling on natural baby care products and super-cute designs fit for every boy or girl, their catalogue offers everything a family with a newborn needs.

We had a brief chat with her for the needs of Members of Enterprise League, but the story goes way beyond it.

Athena was born from Zeus’ head after he suffered a severe headache. How was The Changing Station born?

My company is 100% inspired by my daughter. We chose to sell cloth diaper and found out about the modern cloth diaper and I knew there was a need for all families in my area to know more.

With today’s experience, what advice would you give to yourself on your first day as a business owner?

You will hear ‘no’ a lot. Keep going!

Share a curious fact or an anecdote related to you as an entrepreneur or your business

The average child that uses disposables diapers creates almost a roll-off dumpster of diaper waste that will not decompose for at least 450 years.

What’s one thing about your business that you absolutely adore and makes you get up from your bed in the morning?

I am getting the opportunity to help families.

What is so special about your company that you wish more people would understand?

I am not only a store but a resource for families in my area.

Where is your company headed? What road are you walking on?

My company is headed in the direction of success. I am building it on a strong foundation to keep moving forward.

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