19 thriving cloud computing startups (2023)

September 14, 2023

Top cloud computing startups that are enabling businesses to scale with flexibility

“It went up to the Cloud. You can’t get it down from the Cloud? Nobody understands the Cloud, it’s a mystery” – While this quote might have been true in 2016 when the comedy movie with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel premiered in 2016 , this is not the case anymore. In fact, companies now completely understand the benefits of the cloud and more than 90% of the world uses cloud applications.

Thats why, there is a  growing need for cloud computing startups that are working on new and improved cloud platforms, management, services, and automation.

What are cloud computing startups?

Cloud computing service startups provide innovative solutions related to cloud infrastructure, including management, usage, and automation to help companies access data from remote servers and ensure optimum convenience.


Founded in 2012, JumpCloud provides a centralized directory-as-a-service solution for single sign-on, adaptive authentication, device management, and role-based access control. This aims to simplify IT admin.

By streamlining user lifecycle management using cloud identity services, JumpCloud offers an alternative to legacy on-prem directory tools. Their platform secures organizations while enabling remote workforces.


Founded in 2016, CloudHesive offers a full lifecycle of cloud expertise from readiness assessments to 24/7 monitoring and support once in production. Their experts guide clients through cloud complexities.

By serving as an extension of client teams, CloudHesive aims to enable organizations to realize cloud benefits like improved resilience, agility, and TCO without added IT overhead.


Founded in 2019, CleanCloud continuously assesses cloud resources to identify savings, ensure security, manage permissions, and enforce policies. Their platform delivers actionable recommendations tailored for each cloud account.

By providing multi-cloud visibility and control, CleanCloud aims to help CIOs maximize value and minimize risk as cloud environments scale. Their software delivers insights to optimize spending and security.


First released in 2011, ZStack provides tools to automate configuring compute, storage, and networking resources into flexible unified resource pools. This aims to simplify data center management at scale.

ZStack’s software helps companies integrate existing virtualized infrastructure into programmable private clouds while interfacing with public cloud services. The platform provides full stack orchestration capabilities.


Founded in 2018, Checkly enables developers and site reliability engineers to set up, run, and alerts on automated browser and API tests to proactively catch issues before customers experience them.

By making proactive end-to-end monitoring achievable in minutes, Checkly aims to shift troubleshooting left and enable teams to build reliable, resilient applications. Their cloud platform simplifies managing and scaling testing.


Founded in 2018, Okteto resolved key pain points holding back Kubernetes development velocity like local setup complexity and context switching. Their platform enabled developers to work naturally in the cluster.

Leading enterprises rely on Okteto to eliminate dev workflow frictions related to Kubernetes. The platform has a 99.99% uptime SLA with replicas across multiple regions. As apps containerize, Okteto unlocks developer potential.

Effortless Office

Founded in 2019, Effortless Office understood the bespoke IT headaches plaguing resource-constrained small businesses. Their solution integrates must-have cloud apps with tailored support into one affordable subscription.

Simplified solutions from Effortless Office allow SMBs to deploy reliable IT infrastructure fast without large capital investments. Their expanding platform provides the digital workplace services essential for growth and resilience.


Founded in 2020, Skudu empowers data-driven, environmentally conscious farming to nourish growing populations. Their platform democratizes precision agriculture by making insight from sensors cost-effectively accessible.

Backed by leading agtech investors, Skudu is underway providing climate-smart guidance to smallholder farmers in Latin America with global expansion plans. Their technology fosters prosperity for farmers and communities.

Coastal Cloud

Founded in 2009, Coastal Cloud understood the personalized guidance required to adopt CRM effectively given each organization’s unique legacy systems and needs. Their tailored services foster lasting value from investments.

With 12 years perfecting successful rollouts, Coastal Cloud leads major digital transformation engagements for enterprise customers worldwide. As companies modernize infrastructure, Coastal Cloud unlocks CRM’s full potential.


Founded in 2017, CodeScene was created to apply data science revealing how engineering teams work at a granular level. Their analytics platform transforms software development into a measurable discipline using objective data.

Global industry leaders like Spotify and Klarna use CodeScene to guide strategic planning around release pacing, team structures and technical initiatives. As software “eats the world,” CodeScene gives leaders food for thought.


Founded in 2012, CloudBolt understood the challenges hybrid cloud posed for enterprises managing existing systems alongside multiplying cloud options. Their platform simplified cloud integration and unlocked agility.

Now enabling over $200 million in hybrid cloud spending under management annually, CloudBolt is the choice of leading enterprises like KPCB, Leidos, and Ciena seeking cloud optimization. As hybrid environments grow more distributed, CloudBolt unifies control.


Founded in 2014, Aviatrix provides software to build, operate, and secure cloud network infrastructure across public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Their networking and transit capabilities deliver simplified architecture, multi-cloud visibility, automation, and compliance for enterprises adopting the cloud. This promises agile, optimized networking as a service.


Founded in 2020, Chronosphere consolidates monitoring, logging, and tracing data across cloud environments into one insightful observability solution. Their tools aim to restore order from data chaos.

By optimizing cloud data flows, Chronosphere seeks to help engineers maximize resilience, optimize performance, and accelerate innovation. This promises sustainable analytics as cloud-native systems proliferate.

Impossible Cloud

Founded in 2021, Impossible Cloud develops blockchain-based cloud infrastructure for secure data storage and computing. Their decentralized architecture aggregates unused disk space across nodes.

By coordinating excess capacity, Impossible Cloud seeks to build a scalable, resilient cloud alternative to centralized providers. Users gain private, affordable storage that grows exponentially.


Founded in 2015, Coherence provides tools to help game developers build connected multiplayer experiences across platforms. Their framework handles complex infrastructure like networking, matchmaking, lobbies, and chat.

By handling tricky backend components, Coherence enables studios to focus on creating incredible game mechanics, narratives, and artwork. This aims to simplify and accelerate multiplayer game creation.


Founded in 2018, ScaleHub offers a managed data annotation platform combining AI and crowdsourcing. Their tools assist with data tasks like classification, transcription, content moderation, and more.

By coordinating human and machine efforts, ScaleHub aims to handle data workloads of any size, speed, or sensitivity. Their hybrid approach promises to optimize cost, quality and speed for data-centric initiatives as they scale.


Founded in 1998, Causeway offers a suite of cloud-based collaboration and project management tools tailored for heavy civil and transportation contractors. Their platforms manage workflows, documents, quality, safety, materials, and equipment.

Key capabilities include customizable workflows, real-time information sharing with engineers and owners, daily field reporting, punch list management and project cost controls. This brings oversight and efficiency to projects.


Founded in 2011, Nordcloud provides consulting and managed services to plan, migrate, optimize, and manage public cloud adoption. Their experts help clients modernize architectures, applications, and operations using providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Key offerings include cloud readiness assessments, migration roadmaps, containerization, DevOps processes, cloud-native development, security, 24/7 managed services, and cost optimization. They provide deep hands-on guidance implementing transformations.


Founded in 2012, Devtech partners with technology and service providers to accelerate their transition to cloud-based solutions. They provide engineering resources and expertise to modernize infrastructure, applications, and operational processes.

Key offerings include cloud migration and replatforming, cloud-native development, managed services, IoT enablement, and security consulting. This helps clients rapidly launch and scale cloud solutions while optimizing costs.

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