Top 19 innovative 3D printing startups in 2023

January 19, 2023

The best 3D printing startups

In 2020, 3D printing was estimated at around $13 billion, and by 2026 it’s expected to reach up to $63.46 billion, hence, that’s one of the reasons why there are many 3D printing startups that are already bringing amazing solutions to the world. From hobbyists to innovators, 3D printing has found its place to replace traditional manufacturing in many industries.

What are 3D printing startups?

3D printing startups are innovative companies that develop 3D printing solutions that will impact the future of the industry. These startups are working on filling the existing gaps in manufacturing while driving innovation in technology, materials, and applications, hence they became an inseparable part of the additive manufacturing sector.

3D printing startups that are creating a better future

Whether you need 3D printing services or you are curious about the innovations of 3D printing professionals, you will be amazed by the amazing work these 3D printing startups are doing. From developing new tools and technologies to simplify 3D printing, to medical equipment and personalized drugs, these 3D printing companies are bringing the revolution in the manufacturing industry.


Luxexcel is one of the most promising 3D printing startups uniting the leaders in tech that have developed and patented the methodology to 3D print lenses. By uniting the forces of leaders in tech and eyewear, Luxexcel decided that the best application for their technology is prescription eyewear lenses even though, they can print many other types of lenses as well. 

This technology, with one step, replaces 30+ process steps in traditional lens manufacturing. Moreover, Luxexcel’s automated platform that creates a lens at the push of a button, creating various lens designs from a bottle of liquid, eliminating the need for extensive lens inventories and stock are just a part of the many manufacturing benefits this 3D printing startup offers.


Another reason why 3D printing is the future of the manufacturing industry, besides the simplified manufacturing process, is the ability to transform waste into building materials. Speak of which, Reflow is a 3D printing startup that creates sustainable 3D printing materials by recycling plastic waste.  

For that purpose, they’ve established a team of recyclers, makers, and designers to achieve their mission to tackle plastic pollution while co-creating meaningful designs. As many environmental startups say, Reflow agrees that sustainability is a design opportunity, therefore by today they have 140,634 bottles repurposed into a manufacturing solution.


Beamler is an on-demand additive manufacturing platform that connects engineers and designers to a global network of professional 3D printing services. Bult for manufacturers and designed for engineers, you can leverage Beamler simply by uploading your 3D model file, writing your measures, and selecting the most suitable material for your project. 

Then, after signing in (or registering) to your personal Beamler account, you will submit your quote request and your order will be delivered to your address. With this easy-to-use platform, a whole spectrum of additive manufacturing technologies will be available at your fingertips.


Xilloc is one of the most promising 3D printing startups in the world, dedicated to developing 3D printing solutions to improve the healthcare industry for the benefit of patients. Their goal is to create personalized implants and prosthetics, to replace the current standard models. 

Because everybody is different and unique, their goal is to provide patient-specific implants to reconstruct parts of the human skeleton. To make sure they are giving patients the very best product, they implemented a Quality Management System that is evaluated, approved, and certified according to EN ISO 13485.

Tiamet 3D

Tiamet 3D developed a method for creating affordable 3D printing materials. Their goal is to turn the ordinary 3D printer into a performance part generator by integrating their patented nanodiamond filament. Moreover, they try to do their work by using recycled plastic and fibers wherever possible.

By using specially treated carbon fiber and incorporating nanomaterials, Tiamet 3D created extremely high-strength nano-composites, which is a great improvement of material straight. Lastly, most of their parts have integrated nfc chips, so if you purchase some of their parts you can find more about the materials of the specific part. 


Polymaker has united a team of professionals that are passionate about 3D printing to produce high-quality 3D printing materials by controlling every step of the production process. They believe that materials are the enabling factor that will realize 3D printing as a final production tool, therefore, they are developing from high-performance plastic to unique aesthetic solutions.

What makes Polymaker one of the best 3D printing startups in 2022 is their research and development laboratory where all of the materials are formulated and fine-tuned. Moreover, they have testing equipment that has the latest technology advancements to foolproof their products before they put them on the market.

Builder 3D Printers

Builder 3D Printers have developed a variety of 3D printers, of which their Extreme 3000 PRO has over 1×1 meter in build capacity. On that account, that is the perfect machine for creating parts, tools, jigs & fixtures in-house and on-demand.

With Builder 3D Printers you can have a fully functional high-quality prototype within days. The automatic bed leveling, filament detection, and battery pack are just additional features that make these printers revolutionary in the 3D printing industry.


colorFabb is another 3D printing startup known for its innovative and reliable 3D printing solutions. Established in 2013, colorFabb’s team of professionals developed innovative and functional 3D printing filaments and application development and solution-based services. 

Their filaments are available for worldwide shipping. Moreover, besides in-house produced filaments, this 3D printing startup also offers materials from selected partners. With solutions like this, 3D printing materials are available to people in all industries and working environments.

3D4Makers BV

Using the best materials and finest techniques, 3D4Makers BV is also creating a variety of different types of filaments. With years of polymer production experience, this 3D printing startup created unique materials such as PEEK, PCL, PEKK, PEI, etc, and also produces on customer requests. 

They have a unique way of producing filaments, and the filaments do not come into contact with water in the process of production. After the production process is finished, the filament is immediately packaged in a vacuum bag so it can be a moisture-free product.


FEPshop is a 3D printing startup that sells, distributes, and develops 3D Printers, parts, FEP, UV Resin, tools, upgrades, and more. By having an extensive collection of UV Resins for SLA, DLP, and LCD 3D printers, FEPshop became a shop with the largest selection of FEP FIlm and sheets for 3D Printers in Europe. 

Furthermore, they develop and stock many hard-to-find unique spare parts for popular resin 3D printers and the DIY market.

BASF Forward AM

BASF Forward AM is one of the largest portfolios of high-performance 3D printing materials in the chemical industry worldwide. Therefore if you are looking for a partner to start thinking additive or you are an AM expert eager to learn more about their high-performance materials, get in touch with this 3D printing startup. 

What makes them special is that they’ve developed a full range of services to help their customers, and now they can accompany their customers in every step of the process, from design and simulations to parts printing and testing.

Multiply Labs

Multiply Labs is undoubtedly the future of individualized drugs manufacturing. To faster manufacture the individualized medicines of the future, they’ve developed robotic systems to enable the automated production of personalized drugs. 

This year, they’ve also started working on building robots to expand access to cell therapies, by automating cell therapy manufacturing. Furthermore, they believe that the future of pharma production is robotic because that is the only way each patient will receive a therapy that is tailored to his/her specific needs.

Integral Reality Lab

Can you imagine being able to print your favorite game character? Integral Reality Lab made that possible. This 3D printing startup transforms digital products into physical objects, which means you can prepare and perfect your 3D models for 3D printing, and even implement your game to enable monetizing your digital assets. To do so, offer custom fully-colored collectibles using their latest 3D Printing technology.

Integral Reality Labs offers a wide variety of services to match your production needs. They can help you create unique figures or a whole line of figure masterpieces. From advanced color 3D printed models to full custom projects, this 3D printing startup gives you endless possibilities to use your creative imagination.


MTB3D is another extraordinary 3D printing startup with a skilled workforce that can help you with 3D printing, 3D scanning, and 3D modeling from an early stage. MTB3D is based in the Netherlands and is considered the fastest 3D printing service. 

They also have great personal supports, so no matter if you have a small paper scratch or detailed design, the team of MTB3D will help you bring your ideas to life.


The team of Glowforge creates stuff that creates stuff. As cool as it sounds, Glowforge 3D printers are quick to set up, easy to use, and they work with hundreds of different materials. It also has a live camera preview, free web-based software, autofocus and 3D engraving, and more. 

Creators around the world say that since owning such 3D printer, they are saving a bunch of time because they can customize their product within minutes. With Glowforge you will also be able to prototype on the fly, personalize and customize items, easily and with a short period of time.


With all these innovations and solutions depending on 3D printing, it’s crucial to have a 3D printing startup that will find solutions to make the 3D printing process smoother. Hence,  nTopology by developing revolutionary products for advanced manufacturing is one of the most promising 3D printing startups. 

nTopology developed the world’s most innovative engineering design software to access a better modeling technology. So, from now on you can take complete control of your design workflows and design whole processes instead of designing just parts of it. Even though nTopology offers solutions to tackle the specific challenges of any industry, by now, their solutions apply in aerospace and defense, automotive, and medical industry.

Fast Radius

By offering on-demand manufacturing services, cloud-based virtual warehouses, and additive technology, Fast Radius is one of the 3D printing startups that provide great products and logistics assistance to manufacturing companies. 

What makes Fast Radius different from other companies is its end-to-end support. Working with Fast Radius doesn’t mean you will only get your prototypes or production parts, but it also means partnering with you at every step to make your desired products better. By developing a great buyer-supplier relationship with their clients, they prove that their team of experts care for your products as much as you do.


VELO3D developed a platform that unlocks your design freedom and provides everything you need to begin production immediately. It also offers access to a scalable supply chain for your most advanced designs or for legacy designs with an aging supply chain. 

Their team of professionals believes that they can take humanity further by solving today’s most complex engineering challenges with new technology solutions. For that purpose, they’ve developed an intelligent, integrated suite of software and hardware. Underlying manufacturing process enables enhanced geometric flexibility, reduced cost of parts, traceable part quality and accuracy, decreased production time, and ownership that manufacturers demand.


Nexa3D is a 3D printer startup passionately committed to unlocking the potential of 3D printing and delivering it to industries around the globe. By harvesting the power and capabilities of LSPc technology, Nexa3D enables dramatic increases in the print speed of parts and changes the face of 3D printing across many industries.

Additionally, their 3D printing materials are tailored to the LSPc process, delivering speed, durability, and accuracy. With these and many other solutions, 3D printing time is reduced to mere minutes instead of hours or days.

What all these 3D printing startups have in common

3D printing startups are revolutionizing the additive manufacturing industry for many years now. With the massive number of new 3D printers and material manufacturers, software developers and machine distributors had to be creative to stand out from the crowd. That resulted in great 3D printing startups that are changing the manufacturing industry forever. 

Moreover, the great appliance of this technology in almost every industry is creating a better future for everybody. By revolutionizing medicine, automotive, and other industries, 3D printing startups proved that their expertise has the potential to make the world a better place.

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