Ways to embrace digital adoption in your business

February 01, 2022

Ways to embrace digital adoption

These days having the right digital tool in the toolbox can be a massive advantage for businesses. However, digital adoption and using the tools effectively is the most important thing. Moreover, there has to be a constant application that’ll drive the actualization of the purpose of the specific tool. Hence, digital tool developers are constantly on their toes to stay ahead of their competition and offer advanced business solutions in one package.

When you know and adopt every possibility that each of these packages offers, running your business becomes easier. You’ll also spend less on business solutions and advance rapidly in the marketplace.

What is digital adoption?

Digital adoption refers to the effective utilization of every aspect of the digital tools used in business. It could also mean the adoption of innovative digital tools and the application of these tools in business processes.

Such tools could be digital adoption platforms (DAPs) that simplify the adoption process and improve digital transformation efforts. These could also refer to customer management software that allows businesses to manage customers’ data. If they serve their purpose and are being effectively utilized, the result would be digital adoption.

Benefits оf digital adoption your business

The benefits of digital adoption are immense and multifaceted. They can be employee-oriented or consumer-based. They can also be cost-effective or demand-pulling. However, they come, some of these benefits include:

Increased ROI on your digital investment

Buying a digital tool is proportional to investing in your business. There’s a great possibility to lose your investment or gain a high ROI on your investment. It all depends on how you maximize the features of that tool.

Cost reduction

Digital adoption allows you to cut down on certain expenses. The knowledge of the extent of whatever tool you’re adopting will prevent you from paying for another tool or hiring extra staff to do a job. With digital adoption, you can achieve better results with less manpower and reduced expenses.

Increased productivity

If you have a customer relationship management software (CRM) with an automated customer chat feature, your customer service team can utilize this feature for better productivity.

The software will attend to frequently asked questions, while the team will handle more complicated issues. Your team will spend less time attending to repetitive customer concerns and cut the stress associated with repeating a task every time.

Customer satisfaction

Still using the above example, because FAQs are automated, your customer service team will be able to attend to complicated concerns as fast as possible. When customers are attended to quickly, they feel valued and it ensures customer appreciation and loyalty.

Challenges to embracing digital adoption

Business owners confront challenges when adopting digital innovation. These difficulties can make the process unrealistic for their businesses. In short, they ensure digital adoption is herculean and nonfunctional. Some of these issues include:

Lack of knowledge

Lack of knowledge about the features of a tool is arguably the biggest reason why digital adoption is slow. Being oblivious to the many possibilities captured in a digital tool will prevent you from making the most out of it.

So, when you bring in a new tool to your business, hire a professional to educate you and your team on all you can do with the tool. It’s advisable to contact someone from the company where you purchased the tool. Digital tools are subject to improvements, so ensure to stay updated with new features and learn the new possibilities that can be achieved with them.

Lack of required skills

Each aspect of a digital tool requires certain skill sets before it can be fully maximized. In the absence of these skills, some businesses deem aspects that require such skills as unimportant.

To this end, it’s advised that for every digital tool you purchase, you should train the staff in charge of it so they’d have all that it takes to utilize it.

Customer resistance

All a business’s activity is done with the customers’ interest in mind. When the latter doesn’t respond positively to new changes, it becomes somewhat frustrating for businesses.

As an entrepreneur, you must understand that customers want to have a reason for adopting a new way of doing things. Instead of ditching the digital tool, educate your customers. Help them see how adopting it fully can benefit them.

The best way to go about this is to use videos or virtual reality tools in showing them the positive impacts of digital adoption.

Other than educating them on the benefits, also show them how to use it. If customers don’t know how to use the tool, they’ll give up on it irrespective of how much you preach the benefits.

Company culture

Businesses that have a company culture that celebrates old ways of doing things may have a hard time enforcing digital adoption, especially among their staff.

A company culture that embraces new possibilities is one where learning, innovation, and relevance are prioritized.

Ways to embrace digital adoption

Embracing digital adoption for your business can be tricky due to the aforementioned challenges. But, you can navigate through these issues by following certain techniques. These are measures you need to put in place for the smooth sailing of your adoption. That said, some of the ways to embrace digital innovation for your business include:

Change the business culture

Everything begins in the mind. To make it easier for team members and customers to embrace digital adoption, you have to work on their minds and help them see the benefits that they stand to gain. But, this process can even be difficult without the right business culture. As a competent leader, you need to encourage a culture that thrives on flexibility, innovation, and relevance.

When team members and customers understand those aspects of your business, they’ll naturally flow to the rhythm of digital adoption.

Equip your team with all they need

For each digital tool you adopt and even those you’ve already adopted, ensure that your team understands their possibilities and knows how to harness these possibilities.

Ask your team what learning format they’re most comfortable with and ensure that they all get resources in their preferred formats to boost quick comprehension. Also, make plans to collect feedback from your team.

Doing these will help you know areas where they’re struggling and implement actions to help them. You may even consider getting rid of the traditional tools that they’re accustomed to using. Some people will find it hard to dedicate themselves to adopting a new tool if they have access to the old one.

Update and educate your customers beforehand

Don’t wait till a digital tool is implemented before telling customers about it. They may be overwhelmed by the stress of mastering a new tool in a short time and give up.

Start educating them with a demo through digital marketing before the tool is enforced. It’s easier for people to adopt new trends if they already have basic ideas on how to use them.

But, don’t stop at basic knowledge, hold your customers by the hand till they can leverage every possibility provided by the digital tool.

Just like you did with your team, gradually limit the use of traditional tools and offer incentives for clients or customers who fully adopt the new tool. This will boost morale in others.

Boost your team morale using competition data

Sometimes, no matter how supportive you are to your business team, they’ll not embrace changes. But, with the right motivation, they’ll catch up with the change faster than a cheetah catches its prey.

Help your team see how companies A, B, and C are all of a sudden taking the bigger chunk in market share because of this new trend. Explain to them how this is a threat to their survival if your business doesn’t adopt the trend, too.

Digital adoption platform (DAP)

DAPs are software that helps users to master the use of new technologies without stress.

A good DAP platform should be able to cater to a dummy’s needs. Using prompts can show a newbie the next step in a process, what button to click, where to find the button, what each action will result in, and so on.

Using DAPs will even automate feedback collection from team members and customers on how they’re thriving with the new tool.


Each new digital tool that storms the market comes with a plethora of features that can handle several challenges at the same time. Not embracing digital adoption means not taking advantage of these features, and that can only be to the detriment of your business as you may continue to spend money, time, and other resources getting solutions that are already in a digital tool that you already own.

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