Learn how to write a business essay in 7 simple steps

October 07, 2021

Tips to easily write business essays

Knowing how to write a business essay is not something that will naturally come to you. It requires expertise in different aspects of business such as marketing, finance, management, etc. Besides, you need to have the right skillset to express these heavy-duty ideas and thoughts in a well-articulated manner. 

Creating business-oriented content which is compelling, persuasive, insightful and well-structured, is not a cakewalk. Moreover, you need to use the appropriate language, present the essay as per the requirement, and offer significant content backed by data-driven ideas. 

If you are looking for some tips and hacks to enhance your business essay writing skills, here’s what you should do. 

A step-by-step guide to teach you how to write a business essay

You may need to write a business essay for your admission to the business school or may have to present a detailed report based on a business idea in your company. In any case, the task requires hard work and dedication.

If you don’t have time to learn how to write a business essay, you can always delegate it to a research paper writing service and let professional academic writers take care of it. However, we’ve made the following step-by-step guide to prepare you if you decide to do it yourself.

Start with a thorough analysis of the essay prompt

Now, this can indeed be a tricky one. Be attentive enough to understand what the essay prompt is about. It can either be a discuss-type essay or a case study. Analyze the topic carefully because your entire essay depends on this information. Be mindful of the keywords such as illustrate, compare, criticize, or explain. Decide your approach based on such keywords. 

Your thesis, choice of vocabulary, the structure of the essay, and the concluding thoughts should be in synchroneity with the essay prompt. Do not start composing your essay until and unless you are 100% sure about the given topic. 

Come up with a strong thesis statement

Your thesis decides the fate of the rest of the content. It needs to be powerful and effective. It is the foundation of your essay, and you don’t want to develop your essay on shaky ground, right? 

A thesis statement is a statement that comprises the main theme of your argument and an idea about what your readers can expect from the essay. Remember that a thesis statement acts as the “make or break” point for the essay. 

Come up with an impactful thesis statement, and define it using descriptive words. Be unambiguous. Use your resources, or ask a professional essay writer to do my assignment online if you need some help in writing a compelling thesis statement for your business essay. 

Create a well-structured outline for your essay

Depending on whether it is a case study or a discussion-type essay, you need to write an outline first. Once you are done with the outline, connecting the dots will be much easier. Hence, when learning how to write a business essay, the outline rules are imperative.

For a case-study type essay, you can use the following outline:

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Body/Main content
  • Concluding thoughts
  • Bibliography

For a discuss-type essay, the following outline can be effective:

  • Introduction
  • Body/Main content
  • Concluding thoughts
  • List of references

Research, study, repeat

A business essay should not sound like storytelling. You cannot use your fancy and refined vocabulary to increase the word count. Rather, you will need stats, data, and intricate business information to write your business essay. 

So, before you start working on it, make sure you research a lot. Jot down every relevant point, bookmark necessary pages, and spend time studying the topic. Once you are confident enough about the topic, proceed with the essay.

Prepare the first draft

Do not take a risk with your business essay. Because the majority of the time, it is an important determiner of your grades. Adorn your thinking hat, and start writing the essay as thoughts come pouring in. 

Corrections, editing, and omissions can be done later during the proofreading stage. Right now, focus on the first draft. Go with the flow and do not stop, as this is the time you will get the best inputs and ideas for your essay.

Edit and proofread recklessly

And, before adding a conclusion, how to write a business essay guide, as well as any kind of writings, requires proofreading. Now that you have the first draft of your business essay ready, start proofreading. Double-check every word. Read between the lines. Add anything that you feel is relevant and remove everything unnecessary.

Use tools and software to polish the content. Avoid leaving any grammatical errors in the text. Also, remember that plagiarized content can have serious consequences.

Finalize your draft and add a conclusion

After the editing, you can get a printed copy of the draft. Try reading the essay aloud, and pay attention to all the minute details such as language, date, spellings, and punctuations. You should also notice if the flow of the essay is proper. If the flow breaks at any point during the reading aloud session, it should be improved. If everything sounds well, go ahead with it. 


Using your analytical skills and business knowledge is the answer to how to write a business essay. You should be well aware of the topic and present your ideas in the most organized way. 

Focus on relevant concepts, the latest data, and statistics to make your essay informative. Use brief, to the point, and professional vocabulary for the essay. Most importantly, keep practicing how to write a persuasive business essay if you wish to gain mastery over the art of writing business essays.

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