How to infuse human touch in your AI-built website

August 16, 2023

Infuse human touch in your ai-built website

AI-powered website builders are capable of generating layouts, suggesting designs, and even curating content. However, there’s a crucial factor that AI often lacks: the human touch. While automation can expedite tasks, it’s the human touch that adds the emotional resonance, authenticity, and creativity that truly engage visitors.

In this article, we delve into the importance of infusing a human touch into AI-built websites and explore strategies to achieve this harmonious blend.

The human touch as a crucial ingredient

AI website builders excel in processing data, identifying patterns, and executing tasks with precision. Yet, AI website builders often lack the emotional intelligence and creative intuition that comes naturally to humans. Visitors to a website built by an AI website builder are looking for more than just information; they seek connections, authenticity, and a seamless user experience that resonates with their emotions.

While AI-generated websites have many benefits like saving time and effort, they can sometimes come across as sterile and impersonal.

The good news is there are easy ways to infuse your automated site with more humanity and personality. One tip is to include real customer photos and testimonials. Seeing real people who have benefited from your product or service is much more relatable than stock imagery. You can also inject humor and levity through lighthearted writing when appropriate. Blogs, FAQs, and other site content present opportunities to showcase your company’s values and culture.

An informal, conversational tone will go a long way in connecting with visitors. Moreover, don’t be afraid to break formatting rules and add unique page elements if it fits your brand personality.

Strategies to infuse the human touch

Craft compelling storytelling: Storytelling is timeless human art. Use AI-generated content as a foundation, but weave in authentic narratives that highlight your brand’s values, history, and mission. Incorporate personal anecdotes that resonate with visitors on a human level.

Curate with a human eye: While AI can curate content efficiently, humans possess the ability to assess the context and relevance that AI might miss. Handpick images, testimonials, and case studies that evoke emotions and align with your brand’s voice.

Design with empathy: Incorporate design elements that reflect empathy for the user’s experience. Implement user-friendly navigation, intuitive interfaces, and interactive features that cater to their needs.

Engage in conversations: AI chatbots are common on websites, but their responses can sometimes feel mechanical. Integrate pre-defined AI responses with opportunities for users to connect with a real person when needed, adding a personal touch to customer interactions.

User-generated content: Encourage users to contribute their content, such as reviews, stories, and photos. This not only fosters a sense of community but also brings diverse perspectives that AI might not capture.

Personalization with purpose: While AI personalization is effective, add personalization that shows a deeper understanding of the user’s preferences and history. Provide tailored recommendations that go beyond transactional interests.

Regularly update and improve: The human touch requires continuous effort. Regularly update your website’s content, design, and features to reflect the evolving needs and preferences of your audience.

The synergy of human and AI collaboration

Rather than seeing AI as a replacement for human creativity, view it as a collaborator. AI can handle repetitive tasks, analyze data, and generate insights, freeing up human resources to focus on the more nuanced and creative aspects of website development.

This synergy also expands human capabilities and potential. With both intelligences working in tandem, we can tackle immense challenges like climate change and disease. By embracing the hybrid approach over “human versus machine”, we open new frontiers and possibilities. Together, humans and AI will drive the next renaissance.


While AI can expedite tasks and provide data-driven insights, the human touch remains irreplaceable when it comes to building genuine connections, evoking emotions, and fostering trust. By combining the strengths of AI with the authenticity of human creativity, your AI-built website can transcend automation and truly resonate with your audience, ensuring a memorable and meaningful online presence.

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