20 logistics startups bringing innovative solutions (2023)

January 29, 2022

Logistics startups bring a progressive improvement in customer experience, boosting profitability, optimizing operational costs, and many other segments of operating business. Therefore, they’ve been more and more popular over the past few years.

Moreover, after the pandemic outburst, even more businesses, in order to continue to deliver services and products, became dependent on logistics startups.

What are logistics startups?

Logistics startups are a crucial part of the supply chain since they are responsible for moving and storing goods, services, and information within. They can provide freight forwarding, warehousing, multi-modal transportation, and inventory management.

And since we are living in the world of technological solutions, the world’s most promising logistic startups are using technology to solve the biggest logistics challenges so they can make worldwide delivery easily available for everyone.

20 logistics startups that are leveraging technology to improve worldwide supply chain

Having satisfied and loyal customers require having a thoughtful supply chain that will make buying your product or services a simple and fast process. Hence knowing marketing logistics tips to stand from the crowd are imperative, or if you don’t have the time to dive into that, you can always hire one of these innovative logistics startups to give you the professional desired services.


For eCommerce and retail businesses, delivery is one of the most important parts of a customer’s experience, therefore it’s imperative to have a good delivery solution such as AxleHire. This logistics startup focuses on improving its delivery services so every customer will have a delightful experience when buying your products or services.

To achieve all that, AxleHire developed careful tracking and reporting for recipients and shippers, live customer service, and integration through API to streamline delivery options. Furthermore, they have different delivery models so businesses in every industry can choose the one that’s most suitable for them.


Airmee is one of the most promising logistics startups that provide carbon-free, traceable to the minute, and on the consumer’s terms delivery. They have developed a platform that optimizes millions of deliveries and automates complex manual processes.

Additionally, to ensure the fastest and most sustainable deliveries, they’ve maximized vehicle capacity and through their platform, they are connecting e-retailers with logistics companies and consumers to ensure a seamless experience for all parties.

Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks are revolutionizing last-mile logistics by delivering more sustainable and safer electric trucks. These innovative trucks protect vulnerable road users and improve city center environments since are zero-emission powertrains.

Moreover, their focus goes beyond exhaust emissions with near carbon-neutral vehicle components and a constant drive to reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain and manufacturing footprint. With the removal of the internal combustion engine allowing a complete rethink of the established vehicle concept, these are also the world’s safest commercial vehicles.


WareIQ is another one of the logistics startups with great solutions. They offer Amazon-like next-day delivery for eCommerce companies in India by storing your inventory closer to your demand.

This modern e-commerce fulfillment platform analyzes your order density, seasonality, SKU velocity, and market trend by location to recommend smart inventory placement, and integrates your online stores and marketplaces. Furthermore, with WareIQ’s platform, you can reach your customers faster than competitors.


Nuvocargo is a promising logistics startup that can be the perfect cross-border shipping partner between Latin America and the United States. Their team is aware that by developing software coupled with exceptional service in logistics, both people and companies can benefit.

Moreover, for Canada, the US, and Mexico cross-border freight on a per load basis, they provide the most comprehensive cargo insurance. They can also help you with supply chain financing you need to grow your business.


Another logistics startup you need to keep an eye on in 2022 is Everstox. Through their cloud technology and Logistics as a Service (LaaS) solution, you can connect, optimize and scale modern commerce with fast distribution logistics.

With their flexible warehousing and fulfillment services across Europe, you can improve your daily commerce and logistics operations. Additionally, their automated order fulfillment increases the delivery speed even more.


DroppX provides faster and fully trackable delivery options for eCommerce. Trying to keep up with the fast-changing world, they are focusing on transforming the way goods are delivered within cities. To achieve that, they are connecting businesses and customers with independent local couriers and enabling anyone to get nearly any product delivered in less than 60 minutes.

What makes them different is that they give retailers a magic button they can stick on their website or app to offer a fully trackable premium delivery experience to their customers. Therefore, by outsourcing the logistics services of DroppX, retailers can keep the revenue, maintain good customer relationships, and get their data around the transaction.

Zeus Labs

Zeus Labs – a promising digital freight platform, has the vision to disrupt the freight management and haulage industry. By deploying the power of digital technology, this innovative logistics startup drives efficiency in the haulage ecosystem.

This platform enables hauliers to increase their earnings and shippers to save more money and time, both while reducing carbon emissions from empty trucks. That way shippers and hauliers can manage their jobs, track their drivers, reduce the number of empty trucks, and spare freight capacity on the roads.


The mission of this logistics startup is to transform the retail industry from linear to circular. By deploying reuse business models with the best brands and retailers on the market, Lizee is looking to accelerate consumer shift towards better consumption.

By designing new solutions for the leaders of innovation and the planet their team is dedicated to creating new opportunities for a more sustainable retail industry. So, to sum up, if you are looking for a solution to quickly deploy, optimize and scale your most powerful re-commerce offering, mixing rental and resale, Lizee can provide you with that exactly.


Customized to the needs of eCommerce businesses, Tyltgo provides a technology-driven, white-label delivery solution. This logistics company provides an end-to-end delivery service from the moment a customer places an order on your website. Then, through their API, direct integration with your site, a CSV upload, or a manual order input, Tyltgo retrieves the order data and once a delivery is confirmed, they provide your customers with branded live tracking and delivery notifications.

With such a simplified and fast process, and their competitive pricing and market-leading reliability, Tyltgo is known for providing a world-class delivery experience for you and your customers.


MVXchange is a digital maritime logistics platform with an integrated shipbroking solution that enabled them to find the fastest way to move freight to and from Africa and the US to any port around the world successfully.

By bringing the whole booking and deployment process online, MVXchange makes freight shipping easier and more coordinated for companies of any size. Their logistics services include freight services, land haulage, and hassle-free customs brokerage.

Stone Rooster Distributors

From warehousing and fulfillment to client services and custom apparel design, this logistics startup provides a variety of services. By combining operational excellence and decades of industry experience, Stone Rooster Distributors optimizes processing time and keeps your business running smoothly and successfully.

The best part is when choosing Stone Rooster Distributors, you don’t need to settle down and choose between experience or innovation as it usually is. Their experienced team is always looking for new innovations that will improve their services to support your business with best-in-class customer service.


Boxconn is a platform that connects businesses with reliable delivery partners to provide quick, cheap, and delightful experiences for last-mile delivery. Depending on the package and items, you can hire motorbikes, delivery vans, or cars to safely deliver your package.

Whether you are an E-commerce vendor, manufacturing business, or running an online shop, these end-to-end solutions, insurance, 24/7 customer support, and live delivery updates is your partner to grow your business.

Hive Logistics

Hive Logistics is another reputable and innovative company that solves e-commerce operations. Their all-in-one fulfillment includes seamless integration, real-time reports, forecasts, and tracking, fast and direct customer service, return handling, transparent and flexible pricing, and more.

Furthermore, Hive Logistics helps D2C brands to expand internationally with fast and safe delivery. Also, with their multi-channel feature businesses can integrate new sales channels or several international stores seamlessly with just a few clicks.

Mastery Logistics Systems

Mastery Logistics Systems is a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS transportation management system designed to bring all operating functions into a single cloud-based TMS. This logistics startup provides flexibility, visibility, control, and efficiency to help large shippers, logistics service providers, and carriers to manage complex transportation needs in an efficient, cohesive, and intelligent way.

This innovative product connects business units, locations, and employees as they work in a single system to manage transportation across all modes and all geographies.

lock Freight

lock Freight specializes in shared truckload delivery and reduces freight’s carbon footprint. This logistics startup, aware of the benefits of full truckload by sharing trailer space in one multi-stop full truckload is giving you an opportunity to switch to shared truckload and improve on-time delivery, reduce damage by 100x, and eliminate freight’s carbon footprint.

Their proprietary algorithms are developed to optimize your route and they also have the technical expertise to integrate with your system. This way, they’ve created a technological solution that makes the logistic part easier and more cost-effective for your business.


Darkstore is moving humanity forward by making all of the world’s products accessible all over the world. This logistics company enables 2 hour delivery of the top brands in the world since it has micro fulfillment centers that are close by to you.

Their core value is speed, so when collaborating with Darkstore you can make sure that you will have the fastest and safe deliveries. That being the case, if you are willing to make your products widely available, get in touch with this logistics startup and see how they can help you do that.


EasyPost offers a shipping API and solves complex logistics problems for online merchants. Their team enables the delivery of an online shopping experience that delights customers and is solving complex shipping logistics problems with a single integration.

With EasyPost you can compare rates and purchase labels across USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and dozen of carriers. Moreover, you will save money and improve on-time delivery metrics with data-backed optimization for every shipment, receive real-time shipment updates through custom branded tracking pages and webhook notifications, and more.


Onfleet is one of the world’s most advanced last-mile delivery platforms. They’ve integrated a route optimization engine that considers time, location, capacity, and traffic and produces the most efficient routing solutions.

Another great advantage is the effortless onboarding with their simple, intuitive native iOS and Android apps with interactive walkthroughs. Also, the detailed task history and comprehensive driver performance metrics give you the needed insights to analyze and improve your services.

Clean Motion

Clean Motion offers truly sustainable vehicles for cities, based on energy and resource efficiency, built locally, to maximize global EV adoption. With the belief that the future of mobility lies in a transportation solution that is suited for daily use, with a vehicle somewhere between a conventional car and a scooter.

To achieve this, we have recognized that we need to think differently and more efficiently. Our vision is to develop and manufacture truly sustainable products that the big majority of the world’s population can afford. This philosophy is based on reinventing every part of the product through multifunctional design, simplification, and a clear lightweight approach.

What all these logistics startups have in common

These innovative logistics startups are leveraging technology to bring easy and affordable solutions so you can get or send the desired products anywhere in the world. This is a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers, since the sellers can be present to the largest market, and buyers can have a variety of options to make sure they’ve chosen the most suitable according to their needs.

All this would not be possible without organized, safe, and fast logistic solutions that these teams of logistics startups are daily improving. Last but not least, since the world is depending on deliveries more than ever, it’s great to know that most logistics startups are putting their efforts into decreasing carbon emissions before everything else.

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