19 amazing entertainment startups leading the way

June 13, 2022

Fast-growing entertainment startups to keep an eye on this year.

The entertainment startup sphere has an impressively broad range of companies. These companies are divided into various sectors of the industry. 

From communication services, streaming, TV, and gaming, the entertainment industry is really vast.

Despite the abruptly big number of entertainment startups, the industry as a whole is dominated by just a couple of large media giants

In the past couple of years, the parts of the industry dependent on live attendance have seen a significant dip in numbers. However, streaming startups and video games have seen great increases.

What are entertainment startups?

In essence, entertainment startups are an ecosystem consisting of all the startups that are innovating on the technologies, products, marketing, and business models within the entertainment industry. Live streaming, VR gaming, and most recently the Metaverse are just some of the innovations in the last couple of years.

The most innovative entertainment startups for 2022

In today’s article, we’ve separated some of the most innovative and exciting entertainment startups for 2022. Each and every one of these companies are leading the way in innovation in their own unique ways.

Authentify Art

Authentify Art is an art-driven entertainment startup that focuses on securing and connecting digital and physical art pieces

They use a unique tamper-proof IoT (internet of things) tags. These tags ensure a verified proof of presence and tracking information about each and every art piece.

In addition, the entertainment startup also offer its users an easy access to the collected data.

Located in San Diego, California, Autentify art has a great team of pros whose motto is using technology to do good in the world of art.

Banger Games

Banger Games is an entertainment startup located in Spain that combines gaming and blockchain. The team at Banger Games has built this platform with the future in mind because it’s tailor-made for the metaverse. 

Namely, the gaming-oriented entertainment startup created a platform where gamers can trade NFTs on many triple-A titles with Counter-Strike being one of the most popular ones.

Banger Games’ goal is to get people out of the traditional singleplayer and multiplayer environment. And get their users into a community-first gaming ecosystem.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports was founded by a legendary League of Legends player, Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez, back in 2015. From there, the eSports team started leading the way when it comes to eSports and Gaming. 

It’s one of the most popular teams in many competitive eSport games including League of Legends, Counter-Strike, COD and others.

Their vision is to build a well-recognized brand whose foundations are on esports and gaming by entertaining their audience.


Tracklib is a subscription-based service that offers musicians a way of making music without having to go through the hassle of millions of track packs, loops, or sample tracks.

They allow their users to dive deep into a sea of music tracks and find what suits their needs.


A Swedish company based in Stockholm, Barnebys was founded in 2011. Since then, they’ve opened up offices in lots of famous locations such as France, Spain, Germany, the UK, the USA, etc.

They pride themselves in collecting some of the top-tier antique dealers, galleries, and auctioneers under their belt. On their site, you can also find a huge database of free auction results as well as a great valuation service!


Peoople allows you to search for and save the best entertainment that your friends and some of the most followed influencers recommend.

This platform also allows you to recommend your favorite entertainment pieces whether it’s a movie, music video, documentary, or a book.

Aiva Technologies

Aiva Technologies is an entertainment startup that’s focusing on creating music tracks for movies. They’re not a typical music composer because they are using Artificial Intelligence in order to create the music tracks. 

Moreover, there’s also something that separates Aiva from other AI-based platforms. Namely, Avia is able to compose beautiful, dramatic, and emotional music which is not the case with other AI-based music composers.


PlaySight’s is the next-gen platform for future athletes and the future of sports. In fact, they’ve connected many sports rings, arenas, and fields with their platform.

Their main goal is to ensure the best analytics for the improvement of the next generation of elite athletes. Namely, Playsight combines technology and sport in order to get the best analysis possible.

PlaySight works by implementing lots of high-performance cameras in different sports arenas enabling them to gather great data.


Eventerprise is a tech entertainment startup that strives to connect the world of events.

This company is great at creating unforgettable moments and events by helping consumers find the best performers, venues, and vendors.

It also offers event organizers a way to get their event in front of more people and increase their chances of getting a full house!


Singa allows its users to get access to thousands of songs to enable them to sing karaoke on the go!

Their app is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux computers and phones, so you don’t have to worry about the availability of the service.


Wootzano is a great startup that works with AI and robotics in order to preserve and sort the vegetables that they’re for their customers.

Wootzano combines labor work with cobots in order to get streamlined product packaging and a fresh and good-looking product.


Minute is a great way of increasing the potential of your video content.

They use media analysis data as well as AI in order to analyze the video and bring the most out of it.

Minute will automatically capture the best moments in your video and combine them into a short preview which will capture the attention of your audience. The content you get out of Minute is automatically optimized for the social media platforms you select.


Tracklib allows its users to create music tracks by sampling from already existing songs. Namely this entertainment startup was created with the musicians in mind. It allows them to create great samples to use freely in their next track.

With clients like Ludacris, J. Cole, and Lil Wayne, and availability in lots of countries, Tracklib has shaken the music-making industry.


Founded back in 2014 by two brothers, Callum & Liam Negus-Fancey, Pollen allows its users to choose the next location for their vacation or even modify their travel experience. 

Using this tech entertainment startup you’ll be able to meet with others, organize unique experiences and even meet with some of your favorite entertainers.


FaceIt is an industry-leading entertainment startup that brings gaming competitions alive. 

This platform allows gaming event organizers to reinforce the gaming ecosystem around their game. It also provides them with the tools needed to keep the competition going for as long as it’s needed.

The best thing about FaceIt is the fact that the competitions don’t have to be based on pro players. In fact, in their community, they have players of all skillsets in lots of different games.


Festicket is another top-leading startup in the entertainment industry that allows its users to find and book music festival tickets.

Festicket is created with the music audience in mind and it creates an end-to-end experience for anyone who decides to use the platform. 

Founded in 2012 by Zack Sabban and Jonathan Younes, the company is backed by a range of investors including InMotion Venture, Edge, Beringea, ProFounders, and Lepe Partners.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a great platform that empowers content creators to be creative. This tech entertainment startup allows content creators to find royalty-free music to use in their content and includes all the rights to the song or sound effect. 

As a subscription-based platform, Epidemic Sound allows its users to get access to more than 100 000 royalty-free tracks and sound effects once they pay the subscription fee.


Deezer was created back in 2007 as a simple project by Daniel Marhely who tried to make it easier for his friends to listen to music.

Today, the music-driven platform is available in more than 180 countries across the world. And it allows its users access to more than 90 million songs, podcasts, and audiobooks.


Storytell opens the world of endless storytelling and audiobooks to its users.

It is one of the best subscription-based platforms for streaming audiobooks and e-books offering about a million award-winning titles from all over the world.

Currently, Storytell is only available in 20 markets around the world, but they’re planning on increasing their availability in the coming year.

What all entertainment startups have in common

The best thing that each and every one of these entertainment startups have in common is the fact that they all try to break the barrier and move forward by implementing entertainment technologies, innovations, and content.

Whether it being something as complicated as implementing cryptocurrencies and gaming together, or something as simple as providing a way of streaming movies and music videos, these companies offer great value to their users.

And, the best thing about each and every one of these entertainment startups is the fact that they will do everything to keep their consumers happy and satisfied.

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