22 revolutionary mental health startups to know in 2023

September 05, 2023

Innovative mental health startups with tremendous potential in near future

The taboo of mental health is becoming a thing of the past as people are more open to sharing their struggles with mental health. In the past decade, this has led to an increase in mental health startups that are looking to use technology to help people with their mental health.

The global mental health market was valued at $383.31 billion in 2020 and is estimated to reach $537.97 billion by 2030.

What are mental health startups?

Mental health startups are using modern tech to give people more options for managing important daily tasks that help improve and maintain their mental health.

Spring Health

Founded in 2019, Spring Health leverages technology to transform employers’ traditionally underwhelming mental health benefits into targeted, proactive solutions catering to diverse worker needs. Their approach aims for universal coverage through personalization.

Major employers like General Mills and LinkedIn are partnering with Spring Health as demand grows for mental health support. Their analytics-based platform provides the tailored, scalable solution the modern workforce requires.

NUE Life Health

Founded in 2018, NUE Life Health understood ketamine’s unique promise for those suffering who found no solutions in current mental healthcare. Their clinics provide life-changing hope to treatment-resistant cases by tapping into ketamine’s newly validated potential.

With clinics expanding nationally, NUE Life Health leads the way in establishing ketamine therapy protocols and standards to responsibly harness the drug’s benefits for mental wellbeing. Their model carries solutions forward.

Workit Health

Founded in 2015, Workit Health taps technology to remove traditional barriers to addiction care like cost, stigma, and inflexible programs. Backed by research, their virtual treatment model drives better outcomes through more consistent human connections.

Tens of thousands of members have utilized Workit Health’s confidential telehealth for substance abuse and mental health support. As digital care access expands, their platform delivers treatment people can rely on privately from anywhere.

Clarigent Health

Founded by MIT researchers in 2020, Clarigent Health brings data-driven intelligence to mental health screening historically reliant on limited subjective methods. Their technology synthesizes expertise from psychology, linguistics and computer science to augment clinicians’ capabilities.

Validating trials with providers demonstrate Clarigent Health’s platform improves diagnostic accuracy while optimizing clinical workflows through automated speech analysis. As mental healthcare advances, their solutions provide richer phenotypic data to inform care.

Mantra Health

Founded in 2020, Mantra Health taps technology, science, and compassion to tackle the college mental health crisis at scale. Backed by investors including GV, Mantra builds trusted campus partnerships to deliver care and make the students feel comfortable.

With services launching across hundreds of universities, Mantra Health is establishing a new model for student counseling merging virtual and on-campus care. As Gen Z help-seeking patterns evolve, their platform cultivates the most vital resource – human connection.


Founded in 2019, Brightline employs a tech-enabled team training approach to elevate pediatric mental healthcare. Backed by leading healthcare investors, Brightline aims to establish their digital-first model as the new standard for youth behavioral health.

Major systems including Providence Health are partnering with Brightline as youth mental health demand surges. Their coordinated virtual care platform is purpose-built for streamlining help for stressed families and modernizing systems burdened by gaps.


Founded in 2021, Heard is tailoring intuitive and comprehensive financial care to how mental health professionals operate. From solo practitioners to clinics, Heard guides each practice’s growth through specialized tools and strategic financial coaching.

With mental health demand surging, Heard empowers therapists to accelerate their impact by removing financial burdens. Their platform demonstrates how human expertise combined with automation can deliver indispensable business insights tailored for an industry.


Founded in 2020, Elemy leverages technology to eliminate barriers like transportation, cost and time that prevent many families from obtaining the pediatric behavioral care their children require. Their platform efficiently connects families and clinicians.

Backed by leading digital health investors, Elemy is scaling pediatric behavioral telehealth for increasingly common childhood conditions like ADHD, autism, and anxiety previously underserved by fragmented healthcare systems. Their solution delivers timely support.


Founded in 2014, Zencare makes finding and booking counseling seamless through their therapist directory and appointment platform. Patients complete a questionnaire to get matched with compatible practitioners.

By providing appointments across specializations like CBT, career counseling, couples therapy, and more, Zencare aims to improve access and fit. Their tools integrate directly into therapists’ practice management workflows.


Founded in 2019, Minded offers virtual therapy, psychiatric care, and wellness coaching tailored to women’s mental health needs. Their services aim to address conditions like anxiety, depression, life transitions, and more.

By providing gender-competent practitioners and personalized care plans, Minded works to make mental healthcare more relatable and effective for women. Telehealth removes barriers to access.


Founded in 2021, Sympatient offers virtual therapy, psychiatric services, and peer support groups tailored specifically for anxiety. Their coordinated care plans aim to help patients feel understood and overcome anxiety.

By combining telehealth accessibility with anxiety expertise, Sympatient works to make proven treatment more relatable and effective. Specialized staff and personalized programs promise better outcomes.

Boulder Care

Founded in 2017, Boulder Care provides virtual medical and behavioral care for individuals dealing with opioid addiction and chronic pain. Their team specializes in medication-assisted treatment and therapy.

By offering an affordable online program, Boulder Care aims to overcome barriers of stigma, access, and cost that often prevent recovery. Their virtual treatment model scales to meet demand nationwide.

Little Otter

Founded in 2018, Little Otter offers virtual assessments, treatment, and family support for child behavioral issues and emotional wellbeing. Their services aim to intervene early and holistically.

By providing specialized care online, Little Otter works to make child psychiatry and family therapy accessible conveniently when needed most. Their approach centers around understanding kids’ needs.


Founded in 2020, Marigold offers virtual group-based therapy programs combined with messaging support. Their goals include reducing isolation and improving treatment engagement among marginalized communities.

By providing easily accessible peer and coaching connections outside of sessions, Marigold aims to enhance care between appointments. Their technology expands support while reducing stigma around seeking help.


Founded in 2018, BrainSightAI applies computer vision and deep learning to extract new insights from brain MRIs. Their tools quantify brain morphometry, function, and disease biomarkers.

By enhancing clinical readings of scans, BrainSightAI generates more objective, granular data to potentially inform diagnosis and disease monitoring over time. This promises more personalized assessments.

Flow Lab

Launched in 2019, Flow Lab provides personalized programs combining psychology, neuroscience, and productivity techniques to build focus, energy, and fulfillment through daily training.

Flow Lab aims to drive professional success by strengthening cognitive and emotional skills like mindfulness, resilience, creativity. Their technology adapts training plans based on user feedback and goals.


Founded in 2020, Rhithm’s app provides personalized recommendations to improve mental fitness through breathwork, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques. Users check in on how they feel, and get matched with bite-sized audio-visual exercises.

Key features include a mood tracker, tailored recommendations, progress dashboards, and reminders to practice self-care. The easy habit-building approach boosts emotional health.

Iris Telehealth

Founded in 2014, Iris Telehealth partners with healthcare providers to offer timely access to psychiatric assessments and treatment via telemedicine. Their network of clinicians provides care convenient for patients.

Key services include psychiatric evaluations, therapy, prescriptions, discharge planning, and round-the-clock crisis response. This supports organizations in delivering comprehensive mental health support.


Founded in 2021, togetherAI has developed an app using AI to guide parents checking in on their kids’ emotional health. The technology listens and provides real-time feedback during conversations to foster engagement.

Key features include conversation prompts, active listening tools, and progress tracking. This helps parents gain skills and confidence discussing mental health openly and regularly.

Ellipsis Health

Founded in 2017, Ellipsis Health has created an AI-powered vocal analysis platform to screen and monitor mental health through routine conversations. Their technology detects signals like depression and anxiety from speech patterns.

Key capabilities include real-time risk alerts, voice data integration, and care workflow optimization. This allows providers to identify issues early and offer support.


Founded in 2015, Wysa offers text-based conversational therapy through an intelligent chatbot. Users message with the bot anytime about stress, anxiety, relationships, and more to gain coping skills and support.

Key features include personalized lessons, growth tracking, gentle reminders, and anonymous sharing options. This provides an accessible, stigma-free space to work through challenges.


Founded in 2015, Cognoa has created an FDA authorized AI-based software platform for early autism screening. Their technology allows primary care doctors to assess risk in children as young as 18 months so treatment can start sooner.

Key innovations include predictive algorithms to interpret parent assessments along with a digital telehealth workflow for pediatricians. This expands access beyond specialist care.


With estimates of almost $600 billion by the end of the decade, the mental health industry is expected to continue with rapid growth. All these creative mental health startups are working on solutions that are helping people manage their mental health and thrive using technology.

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