19 art startups giving artists the tools needed to live their dream

May 27, 2022

Most promising art startups for 2022

The art industry is a huge business. In 2021, the global art market was worth $65.1 billion. Despite this, there aren’t many startups around trying to revolutionize it. 

The list includes innovative projects which have already proven their ideas, gained great hype, and interested people, so they definitely deserve your attention. We are thankful to all of them for sharing their inspiration with us and we hope that our readers will find incredible new artists.

Art has always been a way for us to express ourselves, communicate with others and connect with our surroundings. Now it’s being used as an interactive medium — not just for exhibition purposes, but also as an asset class on its own.

What are art startups?

Art startups are businesses that generate revenue through the art industry. They include everything from art galleries and auction houses to online marketplaces where buyers and sellers can meet online.

Art startups are often based on innovative ideas, but they can also be created by simply taking advantage of an opportunity that already exists in the market. Furthermore, art startups tend to fall into two categories: The first is about helping artists sell their work online, and the second is about connecting people who love art with artists.

In the end, art startups are not a new phenomenon, but they have been gaining momentum in recent years. As the world becomes more digitized and connected, entrepreneurs are using technology to create innovative platforms for art lovers to buy, sell and trade their favorite pieces.

World’s most innovative art startups

We have selected the most promising art startups that you need to watch this year. All of the following arts startups are revolutionizing their industries by helping others discover and create art, providing artists with the tools needed to live their dream, and focusing on creating beautiful works of art instead of finding an audience for them.


ArtWallSt is a fast-growing art startup that has a mission to make Web3 and NFTs accessible to everyone. To help newcomers kickstart their journey into the Metaverse, they aim to become the leading open platform that provides a superior user experience for anyone to familiarise themselves with the key aspects of interacting with Web3 and owning NFTs. 

Moreover, they enable a seamless purchase of NFTs with credit and debit cards, easy wallet setup, open-sea listings, and transferable tokens. With all that, ArtWallSt provides a familiar Web2 e-commerce experience for your existing audience so you can interact with your NFTs or other tokens and seamlessly get onboarded to Web3.

Return to Art

Return to Art is an art startup that developed a platform to revolutionize the way people discover, experience, and collect art. This platform is driven by the mission to make art more accessible and make collecting art more exciting, and achieve all of that while supporting talented artists from all over the world. 

We aspire to revive the idea of collecting art; make it personal, cool, part of a lifestyle, and cultivate an interest in the arts in all generations. With their dedication and solutions, they embrace the power of art to move and allow us to think freely and express ourselves.


Another one of the most innovative art startups in 2022 is Category41. The team of this art startup created experience-driven entertainment at the intersection of digital and physical. As a result of their experiences immersing audiences in surprising and visceral universes, Category41 is revolutionizing how people feel, see, and interact with the world around them.

Moreover, this global experience company has a team of pioneers and leaders from across the media and entertainment industries who are makers, creators, and visionaries committed to building new mediums at their core.


Entertwine is a community and AI-powered platform for creatives in the Film, TV, and Theatre industries. This art startup developed a virtual platform that fosters creativity and production creation using AI recommendation systems, providing all entertainment resources (jobs, auditions, opportunities, competitions, entertainment news, etc.), and creating performance or mixer events, all in one central place.

Their customers are careerists breaking and maintaining their passion and presence in the industry. From art students and freelancers to aspiring artists, Entertwine is the solution to favoritism or tribalism and the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry.


RtistIQ is an online art marketplace that is leveraging Blockchain and NFC technologies. This fast-growing art startup empowers artists and collectors equally by providing a secure and transparent environment for passion-driven transactions. 

Moreover, the art marketplace is combined with Augmented Reality and AI, and it enhances the art experience multifold in a digital economy. Since their core values are diversity and social and environmental responsibility, RtistIQ builds a vibrant community of collectors, artists, art enthusiasts, soon galleries, and art professionals.

HandyCraft World

HandyCraft World launched a fair price platform for artists who have very restrained or no access to any market with the intent to create a bridge between near to extinction artwork and modern-day artists. 

This art startup also envisions preserving the ancient techniques and skills by educating the young generation at the hand of skilled artists. Furthermore, through workshops, exhibitions, and seminars at the local and international levels, HandyCraft World raises awareness about the finesse of converting stones into sanctity, flowers, leaves, and wood to colors and woven textures, and scrap into something meaningful.


Knackit is a talent-sharing platform where users can showcase and monetize their artistry. The team of this art startup has a prime goal to get talented and passionate individuals recognized by the industry experts. 

Based in India, Knackit is dedicated to helping various forms of art (performing or visual) to be acknowledged as potential professions, and change the sad fact that some top-notch artists get left behind.


Artflakes is an online marketplace where users can discover new works, engage with artists, and sell and buy art prints. The platform already has over 620,000 photographs, graphic designs, paintings, and illustrations, which makes it a perfect place for both artists and art lovers.

They have high-quality art prints in many designs, and they can also make custom-made designs for you. Furthermore, they have fast and safe shipping in Europe, but they also are available for delivery anywhere in the world.

Art Fix

Art Fix believes that every work has a story behind it that’s just waiting to be told, therefore they’ve developed an online art platform that makes contemporary art accessible and exciting to all. Why makes this art startup amazing is the fact that episodes are viewable on any device and always around 30 minutes, every month there’s a new episode, and you have unlimited access to all episodes and stories and more.

This is a mind-blowing art solution that keeps away with the complicated museum descriptions and replaces them with accessible online episodes. Thus, art is accessible anytime and anywhere you are.

Odisei Music

Odisei Music is one of the best art startups that designs and manufactures electronic wind instruments. The founder of this art startup, as a musician himself, was aware of all the obstacles musicians who play wind instruments have, therefore, he was able to create one of the best solutions for musicians around the world. 

Since they created the first electronic wind instrument, one thing led to another and now they have been obsessed with creating the smallest and lightest electronic saxophone in the world. Thanks to the dedication of Odisei Music, saxophonists can now practice and play silently when and wherever they want without disturbing others.


Connected.ART  is an ecosystem for all stakeholders within the art industry with an interest in new methods and technology. This art startup’s goal is to make new and relevant technologies available to artists, art investors, art consumers, and art galleries.

Furthermore, they are aiming to ensure real and substantial value in contemporary digital art with transparent trades and transactions, and contribute to the creation of high-quality digital art. Although Connected.ART has a team with clear ideas about conceptual and technological innovations, yet, their vision is simply to be a facilitator of curiosity, creativity, and joy.


Spoonflower is another art company that inspires individuals to make, sell and buy unique products built around color and pattern. They’ve created an e-commerce website that makes it possible for individuals to create, sell, and shop for unique fabrics, wallpaper, and home decors, such as table linens and bedding.

The good news is Spoonflower is already the world’s largest marketplace of surface designs which makes it the best place for designers to sell their artwork. In the future, their goal is to continue to expand the reach of Spoonflower’s services internationally, and, more generally, to expand the opportunities available for individuals to express themselves.


Startbahn is building a digital infrastructure for art and creativity and is protecting the value of artworks with blockchain. They have a few well-thought products including products for digital certificates for galleries, artists, etc., headless NFT solutions, and more.

Wondering how it works? Each artwork registered is given a unique IC Tag so it can be easily viewed and managed online. As contemporary art uses a variety of media and becomes increasingly multi-disciplinary, there’s no reason to make artwork information any less transparent.


Singulart is one of the most promising art startups for this year, that curates a selection of original artworks from around the world and is among the three leading online art galleries in the world.

Creativity has an immense power to express emotions for which there are no words, no matter the language. Knowing the power of creativity, the team of this art startup is supporting contemporary creators because their creativity opens minds and brings people together. They value designers and artists as they deserve since they offer us their visions of society through their unique perspectives.


Speaking of aspiring art startups, Displate is a managed marketplace and a global community of independent artists and passionate people from all over the world. They print collectible metal posters and they have over 1.5 million designs. 

They work with the biggest brands and most talented artists and as they say, their artworks consist of three main ingredients: 51% excellent art, 46% highly sophisticated tech, and 3% magic.

Rise Art

Rise Art is another extraordinary curated online gallery. With a team of experts that scour the globe looking for great art, from extraordinary artists, you can find the best art from the comfort of your laptop. 

This art startup uses a combination of technology and traditional expertise to help those seeking high-quality art for any setting. Hence, whether you’re a seasoned collector or just curious about art, Rise Art is the best place to shine a light on the most exciting, talented, and culturally relevant artists of our time.


Artsper, one of the world leaders in contemporary art, developed a platform that provides access to a large catalog of contemporary artworks from the best galleries around the world. Using Artsper you can discover works by world-renowned or young emerging artists, and find a variety of mediums including painting, photography, sculpture, print, and mixed media.

Additionally, in keeping with their desire to make art more accessible, Artsper also offers an online contemporary art magazine and an art advisory service available for those who would like personalized advice throughout their buying process.


Mixkit is another art startup that makes artists’ lives easier. More specifically, Mixkit is a free gallery of awesome stock video clips, sound effects, music tracks, and video templates. All content is freely licensed and available for use. 

They carefully curate tunes, clips, and templates from some of the world’s most talented creators with all content available for free. Also, their free library is growing fast with new video assets being added every week so you’ll always find the perfect high-quality item to download and use in your project.


Vastari is an art startup with an amazing team that developed an online platform that connects content owners with institutions worldwide to help facilitate exhibitions. Using this platform, creators can promote, find and request exhibition content effortlessly.

Simply put, Vastari facilitates exhibition loans and tours worldwide, connecting global participants, whether private or public, novice or experienced. This online platform for artists and its bespoke services facilitate international exhibition loans and tours.

What all art startups have in common

One of the things all most successful art startups have in common is providing artists with valuable resources that help them succeed at their craft. Furthermore, all fast-growing and promising art startups have a unique selling proposition (USP). This can be something as simple as having a more convenient location or offering better customer service than others in the field.

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