Office Christmas Celebration Ideas for Small Businesses

Nov 6, 2019

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For some people the Christmas mood kicks in as early as mid Summer and they have plenty of office Christmas party ideas (Who the heck invented #ChristmasInJuly?). But we liked our beach cocktails so much, we didn’t have time to think past September.

Now the chiller nights have arrived, children have already eaten their Trick-or-Treat candies, Thanksgiving is basically around the corner, and that practically means Christmas. Yes, we’re feeling a bit excited, but still – one holiday at a time!

However, we are aware of how long it takes to plan and organise the Christmas festivities, and how short we can sometimes be on creative office Christmas party ideas, so we’ve created this go-to guide to make the planning less stressful, and the holiday season more joyous for everyone.

1. Christmas Cards

Christmas is the perfect time to say thank you to your employees for being the backbone of the company and helping you build your dream by adopting it as their own. We know you’re not Oprah to give everyone a car but a word of appreciation can go a long way and make them feel really special. And for that, cards are the perfect medium. No, we’re not speaking about virtual Christmas cards that can end up in Spam. Stay away from that.

Take the time to reflect and write everyone a personalised message that’s a mixture of “Thank you” and “Merry Christmas”. Handwritten messages are much more valuable, but if you think it’s too time-consuming you can always print them.

As for the design of the Christmas cards, you can leave it to the professionals or make it yourself if you feel like it. Or you can drive to the nearest stationery shop, we bet they’ll be having a million designs, both traditional or contemporary, to choose from.

2. Let the booze ooze!

Next on our list of small business christmas party ideas is something more cheery and we probably should have started this paragraph by saying DRINK RESPONSIBLY! First of because we’re not fans of hangovers, and also because we don’t want you to be the main character of a story that starts something like this: “Remember last Christmas when the boss failed at doing a headstand and we all saw her underwear?” 

Moderation is the key to fun parties and, as it turns out, to groundbreaking ideas that can revolutionise your business as well. Studies show when reaching an alcohol level of 0,75‰, the average person comes up with the most creative solutions. This means there’s a good chance the most fruitful brainstorming session you’ve ever had will happen at the Christmas party when everyone’s tipsy.

Skip the champagne or cooked wine cliche and explore new tastes. These 100% natural liqueurs and spirits made in a handcrafted distillery in the Alps will certainly get you extra points with your employees. Do something with style or not at all!.

3. Boost the energy levels

Christmas time is probably the most exhausting period of the year, so make sure everyone in your firm is energised and in good condition to work and party later. If you were thinking that coffee or energy bars are the solution here, please think again. All the cash spent on presents, last minute shopping , family gatherings, cold weather, holiday depression – hard, right? For that reason, having energy drinks at the office at all times is definitely a better idea. Just make sure you have enough sugar-free cans for the forever-dieting staff. 

4. Healthy doesn’t mean boring

When it comes to office Christmas party food ideas we like to do it a little bit differently. Like we’ve said before, it’s imperative to stay in good health, physically and mentally.

Cold weather indeed takes its toll, but let’s not forget about the effect overeating has. All those dinner parties and pre-Christmas lunches packed with sugary, fatty foods can bring one’s metabolism to crack. To balance that out, and give yourself and your employees a break, you should consider hiring a food catering service for the Christmas party, one that supply super tasty yet healthy finger food that doesn’t overrun the stomach. Or if you don’t want to go that extra mile, just order online some delicious, crunchy but soft cookie snacks and mouth-watering freeze dried fruit snacks from the sunny Colombia.

Extra tip: you can make these snacks available for your staff throughout December.

5. Family time

Bringing children to the office Christmas party is debatable. Some find it inappropriate, others truly appreciate their high spirits. But frankly, no one rejoices over festivities more than children. Their excitement completely fills out the air to a point where not even Grinch can resist singing a carol. 

You got three options here:

  • Invite your staff’s children to the Christmas party
  • Organise a separate Christmas family day 
  • Don’t invite any children

If you opt for one of the first two, then you should know that presents are a must, and no, candies don’t count, they’re just extras. So make sure you have an exact list of all children coming to the celebration, because you don’t want to know how high pitched is a cry of a child who didn’t find their name under the Christmas tree. If you don’t have the time to go shopping, you can always turn to uncle Internet and do it online. Gifts for Little Hands have an immense selection of educational toys for children of all ages. 

One more thing, hiring a Santa for the day will instantly get you promoted to the coolest boss ever. And if this is just an expense your budget can’t afford, you can always ask your grandpa.

6. Don’t forget remote workers

We live in the age of remote teams, hence office culture and tradition must be hugely adapted. You don’t want your remote workers to feel excluded. 

Some companies have a tradition of hosting virtual parties; wearing ugly sweaters, Christmas props, doing karaoke, sharing holiday-related anecdotes, playing games etc. 

But if this is not your thing, then maybe you should consider creating a Slack channel where starting from December 1st everyone can get into the Christmas spirit by sharing videos, gifs, emojis, pics and so forth. 

You can go even further and send them gift packs that you can all open together on a video call. Who doesn’t like gifts anyway? If you don’t trust mailing services, you can always go for virtual gifts.

Or better yet, why not organise a Secret Santa? Here’s an elf that can help you with drawing the names.

Bottom line – use your imagination! Even a small gesture would mean a lot and strengthen team relationships. 

7. Letters to Santa

Have everyone on your team write a Christmas Letter to Santa. Except that you’ll be Santa and they will be pitching you. 

Encourage them to write down any wishes for the company or business ideas they might have that they’re afraid or reluctant to say out loud. To spice things up, turn this into a competition: the one with the smartest and most coolest letter, would win a bonus pay at the end of the year or paid time off. 

This way you’ll get an insight into your employees’ minds and, what’s even more important, gather fresh business ideas that could turn out to be quite successful for your company. Plus, it will make them feel important and become bolder in their jobs.

8. Photobooth

Take photos. Lots of photos! Not just for the party. Put the photo booth in action as early as your Christmas spirit kicks in, and take candid photos in the middle of the work day, on lunch break, after 5, or whenever you want to. Later you can print some of them out and make an actual album. Yeah, Instagram is cool but nothing can beat a good old album that’s not controlled by Zuckerberg. 

You can choose between renting a photo booth or doing it yourself. The second option can definitely be put on the company christmas party ideas on a budget list because it will cost you less.

Here’s a list of all you’ll need: a good camera, a remote shutter, photo-friendly lighting and tons of props. As for the backdrop, a white wall would do the trick, but you can always unleash your creativity and make it as festive as you’d want.

At the end of the day, all of our ideas for small business Christmas party are useless if the spirits are low and everything just looks like a superficial sharade. Nourish the relationship with your employees all year round and treat Christmas as another reason to thank them for their loyalty and dedication. 

Remember, it’s not about how much you spend on celebration, but how honest it is. Do everything with an open heart and treat everyone as family, not as robots that get paycheck from you. Moreover, these small office Christmas party ideas could be applied throughout December, not just one time at a party.

At last, from our team to yours – have an incredible festive season and remember that it’s not the material things that count.

P.S. For more ideas check the picture below!

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