Tekrevol – From a small bedroom to Houston, San Francisco & New York

July 10, 2020

Tekrevol interview

Presenting you Tekrevol, the best mobile app development company in the USA, through the eyes of their Co-founder Abeer Raza. He’s also an industry renowned growth hacker and has multiple startups under his belt.

The apps and websites they create are a perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics. If you need dependable tech solutions for your business, reach out to them on Enterprise League ASAP.

How would you describe Tekrevol to a 3-year-old?

Tekrevol is an app development company. We develop mobile apps in different industries such as social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, or game apps like Candy Crush, or apps on which you can buy and sell things you own or produce.

We make apps that work on both Android and iOS and specialize in creating apps for businesses so that they can reach out to interested customers through mobile phones.

What is the story behind Tekrevol?

We started Tekrevol in a small bedroom. We were two people who had the urge to create something that can help people across the globe and solve problems faced by people in society through our expertise in technology. Be it businesses, non-profit organizations, or individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurship but don’t have the technical skills required to leverage technology the same way as big corporations do. As such, the name Tekrevol is a combination of “Tek” which stands for technology and “Revol” which stands for revolution.

The story behind Tekrevol is simple; we understood the struggles of starting a business and then scaling it, so we decided to do something that can help ease that process for others through our tech support. This is what we refer to as the Revol way

How is Tekrevol different from your competitors? What is your unique selling point?

We don’t position ourselves in the industry as just an app development company, but also as a tech partner to businesses. Developing an application is only the practical aspect of the business, but we work side by side our clients to also ensure that their business can achieve maximum growth and scalability through growth-hacking.

As experts in growth hacking ourselves, we act as both the tech support and as consultants to ensure that our clients are more than just apps in our portfolio but companies that we’ve worked alongside from their formation to their eventual break as an industry leader.

Tell us a curious fact or an anecdote related to Tekrevol.

Whenever we’re planning a sprint or a plan, especially in marketing, we have open discussions with all team members putting in their thoughts, and we have no limit to crazy. We might not implement “crazy” all the time, but we do entertain out-of-the-box completely crazy ideas and keep them in our books.

At first, this brought a random element of humour to our meetings, but now we’ve actually started to list these completely absurd ideas that come up in the meeting and document them separately. In the middle of the sprints, we then revisit these ideas and have a conversation specifically on them, to identify the results we’re lacking and which of these ideas we can use or mould to get those results. All of this started simply because our employees and the culture we have at Tekrevol is all about creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, and our team members never feel hesitant to share their thoughts, even if they sound absurd.

We’ve found that more often than not, these crazy ideas that sound incredibly random have some wisdom in them, and if you can bisect the idea and extract that wisdom, with a bit of tweaking, it can add a bit of genius to your overall marketing strategy.

So we’ve now started documenting completely crazy ideas that you’d usually dismiss, and we have a list of them both that have been used and implemented to those that we’re going to be using for the future.

Tekrevol is given $1 million, how would you spend/invest them?

Infrastructure and presence are what we’re looking to scale, and that’s where I would spend a million dollars. In terms of infrastructure, I mean both our technical infrastructure, which includes technology investments but also our internal infrastructure that directly impacts our resources, such as training and benefits. By investing both of these, we would ensure that our clients and our own resources feel happy and satisfied with being associated with us as an organization.

When it comes to presence, I mean both from a digital and a physical perspective. Expanding our digital presence and improving our overall company branding is something that will require significant investments. From penetrating communities and spaces from where we can reach out to our target audience in the most meaningful way to actually having physical offices across the United States and beyond is where I see myself investing a million dollars.

Where is Tekrevol headed now? What’s the next big thing you’re striving to achieve?

The next big step for the company is definitely the launch of our New York office. Today, we are located in Houston and San Francisco within the US, and we are soon expanding our portfolio of physical offices to New York. We’re looking to expand our offices to become a lot more accessible to our clients and provide a more personalized experience to clients dealing with us.

Hopefully, that way we can grow as a company and work a lot more closely with our clients, something that becomes a possibility with a new physical location.

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