The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Killer B2B Proposal

Sep 4, 2019

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Even though through your website you present all the products and services your company offers, direct sales are still the best way to attract them to your business.

To be successful with the direct sales method, you need to master writing a B2B business proposal. That’s why today we will talk about how to write the ideal B2B partnership proposal so you can continuously grow your venture. Before we dwell into the most effective technique, let’s explain what B2B sale proposal means.

What is B2B proposal?

It is a document that you send to your potential clients so they are informed about your products and services. The B2B sales proposal outlines how your products or services solve their problem/s.

When is the right time to use your B2B partnership proposal?

Every B2B proposal has a certain amount of time that will last. It could last a couple of weeks, months or even years.

B2B Sales Proposal Example

A good sales proposal should be written based on these steps:

1.Lead research and email campaigns. Find the list of potential clients and research their company. Predict what problems they have and how your solution will make their production easier. Contact them.

2.Send emails or contact them through phones or a B2B platform. When they finally agree to take your call you move to the next step

3.On the first call collect all the information regarding their issues and present your background. At the end of the phone call set a date for a second phone call or a meeting where you can present your proposal.

4.Sit down with your team and analyse your potential client. Write a proposal draft until you are satisfied.

5.When the next call or first meeting occurs present your proposal. Explain everything in detail and collect their feedback. If necessary make changes immediately or if the task at hand seems complex get back to them with the updates through an email.

6.If the clients are satisfied then close the deal. Congratulations, you’ve just added a new client to your business!

What Should the B2B Business Proposal Contain?

B2B company proposal should be detailed and easy to understand without any loopholes. A good B2B business proposal is made of the following sections.

1.Tell the story of your company – how you came to be and how your products are designed. Let the opening be like a commercial and deliver the message of why your company is here to change their business forever.

2.Present the solution. Next, show visually(if possible) how your products and services are going to make their business better. Emphasize the part where through your innovation their productivity and profits in the short and long term are increased.

3.Set the Goals. Outline what the future will hold once your solution is used. It is imperative to add KPIs in this part of the presentation. The main goal is to align the KPIs to specific long-term objectives that can be measured clearly in the future.

4.Create a list of what they’ll get from your solution. Remember to be thorough and specific and try to include the benefits you are offering in the output.

5.Schedule and Budget. How much time will the project last and how much money is needed for full implementation? For this part, you must be specific and transparent with your clients. Add everything from expenses to time-complication frames. Also, this is the ideal time to include packages offers or discounts.

6.Payment Timeline. How much they need to pay upfront and what amount later with instalments? The most common and fairest way to pay for the service is by paying for each completed task individually. That way companies do not pay the whole service package at once and can be assured that they are not paying for something they did not receive yet.

7.Add the signature box. Finally, if they are satisfied with your proposal, they can sign the contract immediately! However, they usually ask time to think it over so they can consult with their board members. For some, it could take days or even weeks until they have a final verdict. Usually, that only happens with big companies while small and medium ones sign the deal the same day. where all details are sorted it is time to sign the deals.


Business owners do not want to buy directly from B2B websites. They like to get in touch with you and talk things over. That’s why we created the Enterprise League. Through our platform, you can connect, message and negotiate B2B proposals. We offer the chance for companies to connect to each other. While scanning the profile on our platform, you have a clear picture of whether that company has at least one of the products or services you are looking for. To smooth things over, use our messaging service where you can exchange information and send B2B proposal documents.
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